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    Garden 2022

    My garden's further behind than some of you, I can't wait until I can start harvesting. 😁 I'm happy to report that whatever was eating my tomato seedlings hasn't done it recently. I decided to make a hot sauce repellant and set up a small battery motion sensor light at that end of the bed...
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    Weather in your area?

    Normally I would but we need all the rain we can get. 😆
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    Weather in your area?

    Sprinkling here today, might not even hit 70.
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    Weather in your area?

    I plan on it! And all I own are bikinis. 😇
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    Weather in your area?

    This past weekend it was highs in low 70s here. Last night it got down to 42. This week's supposed to be highs of 70s, maybe 80 one day. But I'm heading to FL early early on Thursday so I won't be here to enjoy it this weekend.
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    Jokes and Humor

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    Home Decor 101, by Wingnut

    I love the dragons and the glass bottles! I have a thing for glass bottles, I love them, no idea why. The panther feels familiar to me somehow but I can't place where I would have seen something like it before. 🤔
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    When do you quit? serious question here.

    I agree with what Urban said about the equipment, imo old is better made, but newer does tend to be easier to carry and sometimes use. I think we all need to stop and reassess our situations once in a while. And I don't mean just preps or equipment, but also habits, living situation, health...
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    Garden 2022

    I would think it would be trapped in the chicken wire then, the glue boards are too big for it to escape. I'd give them a try in that case.
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    Where "NOT" to be in event of CME "Superstorm" (a map)

    Looks like I'm far enough from Boston. I have a friend who lives near there though.
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    Garden 2022

    The sticky traps may work but be careful with them. We used some in the cellar once along the ceiling, caught a mouse and it fell to floor. My cat investigated and got stuck as well. It was a nightmare trying to catch the terrified cat then unstick him from the dead mouse and trap. I never used...
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    Weather in your area?

    Yeesh y'all got some heat going on. It's been highs between 78-82 here, lows in the upper 50s at night. Sunny and breezy.
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    Post A Photo, A Real Photo

    The innocent look is hilarious.
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    What's everybody doing today?

    I hope the various health issues I'm seeing here all improve quickly! I'm working as usual, seems like the only time I can get caught up here. 😆 When I get home I'm too busy to sit and read. Caught a handful more mice in my garden beds, glad I bought more traps. Other than that just waiting...
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    Hello trying to learn all i can before i go homestead

    Welcome! Lots of good info and ideas here!