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    American Contingency - anyone know about this?

    Tracker Post 4 L8r.. :cool: jd
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    Must be the kid in me, but I chuckled...

    Nah, that's what Azithromycin is for.. :p jd
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    Wrinkled eggs

    🤓 Sorry, Somebody had to.. ;) jd
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    Jokes and Humor

    :) 😂 :p <SoJer gets banned> 🤓 jd
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    Choosing other preppers to form a community

    Some Outstanding 'food for thought', Imo.. :cool: jd
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    Hello from Colorado!

    Bienveneetoes from Lost Angeleez.. :) Have good friends in Loveland, Co. Springs and Ft. Collins.. and 'Ex's Family' out in GJ (still good friends w/ the Ex-BIL and SIL, tho.. Went to HS together..) Love it out there.. ...Great flyfishing / hiking / camping and general exploring (the Mica...
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    Late to the Party, but.. Here ya go.. Sorry, closest thing I could find to a 'Mass-ive Cupcake'.. 🤓 Yeah, I'm a nerd, what can I say.. 🤪 Anyhoo, Bienveneetoes from Lost Angeles.. PS - 'Nice shootin' there.. :cool: Mmmm, like Raspberry Preserves (NOT 'jelly', yuk.. Preserves...) + Chipotle...
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    Terraces for soil erosion Usda Engineering Field Guide

    Thank You, Kind Sir! :cool: jd
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    I Need new FRYING PAN......MUST be Non-Stick......What is "BEST". Cast IRON Not an OPTION.

    Yah, only solution I've found is, as you say, taking the "https" Totally out: ie: ...For whatever reason, having the 'https' in there makes This site convert it into a "Media link"... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I also always 'Underline' my...
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    119 Year Old Woman

    Welp... Yet Another +1 for White Rice, eh? :) RIP, Tanaka :cool: jd
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    It Is Okay

    "Diplomacy" is the Art of saying "Nice Doggy" until you can find a Big Rock.. :) jd
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    Do "YOU" grasp the significance of "The fourth Turning"..??

    Interesting. 🤔 In short: it's the 'Essence of this 'Great Reset', of the WEF / its underbelly / puppetmasters'.. These guys make some Good points, but.. This (below..) is Straight outta the WEF 'Guidebook to Global Misery'... ".. Likewise, Neil Howe believes that the Millennial generation may...
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    Why Did You Join this Forum?

    Indeed! For example: Weed Gallery: London rocket--UC IPM ...and Weed Gallery: Broadleaf plantain-UC IPM ...and.. ;) But we ❤ WG, too.. :) jd
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    Wound Closure post SHTF

    Fwiw, for those who've never come across this this site - it's Invaluable, Imho.. Closing the Gap :cool: ..Yes, it's 'an Inch wide, and 100' deep, but - Really excellent / focused (and Accurate..) Learning resource.. Highly recommend watching - and DL'ing - All that you possibly can from...