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  • Oh great leezoid can you set up an message that will inform everyone on this site (sept Gump) of his needs and see if we can collect some funds together? You may have thought of something like this already . I have helped in a situation like this on another site where the member was almost completely burned out but on this one I am to far away to personally deliver.
    You following me around, Lizard? One a these days, one a these days, I'm gonna sneak up on yer tail, and take ya to Outback and we'll put a whooping on some steak and shrimp. Don't know when, but it'll be after my son and I go to Pess's BOL. From the looks of the postings, apparently you and I have a lot in common (guess that held true for you and Pess, too...he don't like many folks). You ever in the military?
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