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    Utah or Arizona?

    The neighbor on our west side moved to the panhandle of Idaho a few years ago, they live at 2,500' elevation and were snowed in from time to time, not what I'd want but they seem to be happy.
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    Has "ALL" Dating stopped because of Covid-19.........???

    I got to say that over the years there has been a few times I caught myself drooling, I got an excuse, they were exceptionally fine and I really tried to run the other direction, could be the drooling was from the wind in my face running as fast as I could to stay out of trouble, yeah that's...
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    Post A Photo, A Real Photo

    I was just thinking of the negative side of carrying all the extra tools and stuff, the time I rolled my 59' Ford pickup and as it was rolling, I remembered all the tools in the cab that could cause bodily harm, when everything stopped moving I patted myself down and found that I was in amazing...
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    Post A Photo, A Real Photo

    Back in my hotrodding days I always carried tools, points and condensers, coils, distributer caps, extra v-belts and plenty of tools, can't say that I ever needed them but I never wanted to be caught without them while wondering way out on a logging road, 50 miles from nowhere.
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    That reset the PTB has been talking about, God's got a good one for us.
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    WW2 Thanksgiving Menu - aboard my Dad's ship 1943

    Thanks for sharing, that's something that needs to be put in a picture frame and hung on the wall, it's wonderful family history.
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    Greetings from WI

    If first you don't succeed at least try again, if I rest my wrists on the front of this laptop while typing it wipes out all I've written and so I'll try again. Over the years I've spent a lot of time outside in very cold weather and my hands get very painful and a few years back I read that a...
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    Post A Photo, A Real Photo

    Sorry about the double pic, this dang computer likes to twist my tail, never ever a Toshiba=junk, look at it wrong and it does things I never meant to happen.
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    Post A Photo, A Real Photo

    I was trying to post a story in the joke thread after seeing a picture of a 1964-65 Mercury Comet that had a 427 OHC engine stuffed under the windshield and it brought memories of when I used to go to the drag strip outside of Tacoma, Washington while I was stationed at McCord AFB, one time Jack...
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    Today, Saturday I just bought a couple grand worth of Silver

    So when my DW and I started looking into silver and gold, silver was just at $5 per troy oz., we hadn't come to fully understand the intrinsic values of those metals. The biggest thing we hadn't come to understand was the life cycles we sometimes get in the middle of, however, it didn't take...
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    Greetings from WI

    My wife and I lived at 8,000' elevation just west of Denver, didn't take long to figure we wanted to be in warmer climates, that's why we finally ended up here in southern Oregon, we can do without extreme cold, we don't mind it for hunting but that's about all.
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    Whats everybody doing today?

    East Communist Germany lives here in Oregon, our governor, the night hag, is now encouraging neighbors to call the police if their neighbor has more than the allowable six people visiting for Thanksgiving.
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    Slow Cookers

    A crock pot and a slow cooker are two different animals, I actually dislike food cooked in a crock pot, slow cookers are basically a hot plate that's slightly turned up at the outer edge to retain a medal pan and will accept any pan that will fit on it, ours are also adjustable for temp...
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    Whats everybody doing today?

    I don't know if that's the same popular trees used in the lumber I have bought here in Oregon but I love working with popular lumber, it doesn't splinter when being cut on a table saw and it takes paint very well. I've used it to make shelves and inside window ledges where I'm not using oak.
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    Slow Cookers

    Somehow we ended up getting two slow cookers, a small base with a 200 watt heating element with about 4 quart pots to go on them. The first time we used one was out on the desert in N.W. Nevada while we were out detecting for gold. We were using the solar system on our motorhome and it was...