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    Living on the sand which is there...

    Hello and welcome from S.W. Oregon. I know how it feels to start with basically a blank piece of land, we bought ours 40 years ago, everything we have is by blood and sweat. We're still putting things together in our 70"s, you've come to the right place, there's a huge knowledge base here of...
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    New cars...yuck.

    our 2007 Tundra came with 244,000 miles on it, no screen, don't like the idea of driving a computer around. I read about two other Tundra's that got a million miles on them so I figured the 244,000 miles were just the break in miles.
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    The basics of the "Basics".

    That's the problem we have with our spring, we're adding an extra 1,100 gallon tank along side of the 1,100 gallon cistern we built back in the 80's, I also bought a hammer drill and some 15" masonry bits to drill some horizontal holes in the hill side of the spring, I'm pretty sure the spring...
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    Does Fuel Stabilizer Prevent Ethanol Damage? Let's find out!

    Our stored fuel is all treated non-ethanol, I hate the damage that ethanol does to small engines, anyway I've used fuel that has been up to 5 years old, the thing about storing fuel is to keep it in a constantly cool condition as to keep the evaporation down to a minimum, a woodshed works good...
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    Glad to be here

    Hello and welcome from out here on the "Left Coast" in S.W. Oregon, in what's considered part of the inverted L of conservatism here in Oregon, hanging on to God, the Bible and guns, while the rest of the state turns to communism.
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    Many years ago, before being married, I was having kidney pains from a stone going through the system, it just wasn't moving like it should so I decided to take a fishing trip up the S. fork of they Platte River, S.W. of Denver, the next day the stone passed. I'm just thankful I no longer get...
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    How Redneck are you?

    Should have added working out in the sun all day and really getting a "Red Neck", another ones to add are chasing neighbors loose cattle and wearing shovels into a fork shape by digging all of your ditches by hand, wish I'd have had the neighbors on both sides of us we do now, they both have...
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    Northeast USA

    Hello and welcome, this is a great forum to be on, people with tons of information and lots of love for one an other, very little infighting, which is a very good thing.
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    Hello and welcome from S.W. Oregon, it's always good to have a lot of "Hoe To" book on hand, I know that I have learned how to do concrete, electrical, carpentry, deck work from books we've bought over the years, it's always good to have them on hand for future projects, it's also very good to...
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    Whats everybody doing today?

    I'll have to find a picture that my dad had showing Harley's and Indians from a gypsy tour he may have been on, he didn't have a bike, rode behind someone. I think the picture was taken at Long Beach, CA, don't know the exact year but it was many years ago, anyway I'll try and post that pic and...
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    What would you do faced with 50% inflation?

    My wife gives me a bad time because I didn't listen to her when she said we should get 2X4's and 1/2" plywood to have on hand, but I've been reading that the prices are going to drop, we'll see, if they do we'll get some to have on hand. Thing is, what we have been doing is what we call...
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    Whats everybody doing today?

    Yeah, the blade head gets hot on big jobs, I've had to take a few breaks on a big job I had cutting out the 1/2" particle board in the kitchen and bathroom floors to replace it with good 1/2" plywood. I'm amazed that the tool still runs as good as new after all the work it did and as hot as it...
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    Whats everybody doing today?

    I bought mine from Harbor Freight as well, it's done an amazing amount of work for me and it's an indispensable tool that often replaces the use of a hammer and wood chisel.
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    Whats everybody doing today?

    Wife' been bugging me to get our 1,100 black poly tank up hill so I finally moved vehicles around and with the help of a friend got it loaded into the pickup, tied it down, drove over to the neighbors property on the east side, backed it up along the fence and dumped it on to our property where...