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  1. viking

    Slow Cookers

    Somehow we ended up getting two slow cookers, a small base with a 200 watt heating element with about 4 quart pots to go on them. The first time we used one was out on the desert in N.W. Nevada while we were out detecting for gold. We were using the solar system on our motorhome and it was...
  2. viking

    Is There Something Going On With The Internet?

    I've been trying numerous times to get on Firearmstalk and Yahoo, both to no avail, however I've gotten on some other sites with no problem, including this one. Anyone else having problems?
  3. viking

    What My Friends Bring Me.

    So our dear friends that live about a 1/4 mile down the road often bring us things, things she's cooked, vegetables she's grown, watermelon she got from her daughters garden, all very good, on the other hand while her husband was walking around outside a timber rattler slithered by with one...
  4. viking

    I Really Need To Keep A Camera Handy When We're Sitting Out On Our Deck.

    Twice now when we have been sitting out on our deck a small herd of elk have come out of the woods above within a 100 feet of our home, I've seen up to 5 calves along with a few yearlings along with about 10 older cows and bulls, all are very healthy looking.
  5. viking

    Dear Friends That Make An Old Guy Happy

    Our dear friends, like more family than our family, just brought us 23 barred rock chicks, they told us that they have been looking for chicks for us for some time. They said they only paid 25 cents each, they asked the salesman a number of times if that was the correct price but we all figure...
  6. viking

    Cougar, A 77 Year Old Guy, A Mini 14 And Fire!

    So our dear friend down the road calls to say there is a cougar calling that they think is close to us, so I break out my Mini 14 and shine the flashlight uphill, no cougar but I fired three quick rounds toward a 15 gallon barrel I have near the top of our property and after the last round was...
  7. viking

    I'm Finally Taking Care of a Water Problem.

    We just bought two 1,100 gallon poly tanks, one for the garden and one to add to our 1,100 gallon cistern at the top of our property. With the help of my good friend from down the road, the garden tank is set up, all that needs to be done is the poly pipe going to the top of the garden where...
  8. viking

    Group petitions to join Idaho, blaming Oregon's liberal Democrats

    Interesting, there is presently a move to make eastern and southern Oregon and part of northern California into Greater Idaho. Oregon would get Eugene to Portland, a little inland and out to the ocean. We that live in the, to become, Greater Idaho, hate that we don't get any representation and...
  9. viking

    This Is Just A Test, Maybe?

    So we had a little snow here and some of it was rather heavy, not to deep but heavy and tree branches and trees have been falling all over the place, thousand of people in the region are without power and our friends down the road, their daughter and SIL in Grants Pass don't have heat or cooking...
  10. viking

    Reminiscences of a 77 year old guy

    I don't know why all this stuff came to mind recently, but it's amazing how many things I found that pertained to my recollections, brain is still working after all these years, thank God. So here is one that I was surprised to find info on the internet. During my time stationed at McCord Air...
  11. viking

    Sweet Lips The Cat That Adopted Us.

    She walked up to our place a few years ago and we took her in, she was really thin but gained weight quickly on our dogs food, which is Canidae brand and is very good because of all the natural ingredients.
  12. viking

    I'm Doing Pretty Good, But!

    I had a visit with my cardiologist two days ago and he said I was doing better, however, due to my heart efficiency not getting above 35% he told me that I should have an automatic defibrillator put in me. Of course while I'm hearing him talk about it, I'm thinking, well I'm coming up on 77...
  13. viking

    No More Erector Sets Or Lincoln Logs?

    I didn't have them when I was a kid but some of my friends did and I attribute some of my mechanical/wood skills to playing with them. It seems Erector Sets and Lincoln Logs have been replaced by cell phones and computer screens and it doesn't seem to me that those things would inspire an...
  14. viking

    Easy Mayo Using a Wand Mixer

    My wife makes great mayo in a wide mouth quart jar, using 2 cups of grape seed oil, 2 whole eggs (from our chickens that are feed organic feed), 3/4 to 1 teaspoon of Himalayan salt, 1/2 teaspoon of dry mustard, 1/4 teaspoon of paprika, dash of cayenne pepper, 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar...
  15. viking

    My Little Bump In The Road Of Life

    So lately I haven't been on this site for my general daily post reading. I've been having shortness of breath and swelling of my feet and calves. I had a chiropractor appointment and he is a very good one that is very concerned for our health and wellbeing, he had mention to my wife that he...
  16. viking

    Finally Got Some Snow

    We've been a bit concerned for our coming years water supply as we rely on snow on the top of the mountain behind us to replenish the water shed which feeds our spring, though this is not a deep snow, it's still a relief to see it and we might get a few more snows in the next couple of months...
  17. viking

    Finally Got My Wife a China Hutch

    We've been looking for just the right size and wood color hutch for a long time, most are too wide and almost everything is dark stained, we found this one at Merlin Bargain Store. I did some minor repairs and added an electrical outlet and a dimmer switch for the display lamp. My wife is very...
  18. viking

    Another Oregonian

    Hi, I'm just an old guy (75) with a young mind, always looking for information that will help long range survival. Hey, I'm still physically capable of taking care of my dear wife's and my 2 plus acres, plus chickens, fruit and nut trees, wild quail, wild turkeys, deer and other creatures. We...