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  1. Amish Heart

    What's everyone watching?

    That movie "Blindness" freaked me out. Sentry...you should check out the 1975 BBC series "Survivors". We ordered the 6 DVD set. Good.
  2. Amish Heart

    Anyone know someone with Covid-19 or has been exposed themselves?

    John Prine died from it today. He was 73. Really loved his song, "Hello in There".
  3. Amish Heart

    Whats everybody doing today?

    FINALLY I finished painting the laundry room. And the door. Been working on getting little granddaughter signed on to Google whatever for school when it starts Monday. Very glitchy. Missed the Zoom American Heritage Girls meeting because I forgot. This is my worst nightmare. Everything is...
  4. Amish Heart

    Happy Birthday!

    It's your birthday, Backlash! Have a happy dat
  5. Amish Heart

    The Government Wants to Decide What Items Are Essential Purchases

    We always have a lot of seeds. If they don't sprout because of age, I just seed more. How does your husband catch his clothes on fire? Ordering clothing online is a pain. You don't always get what the photo looks like.
  6. Amish Heart

    Whats everybody doing today?

    I know. That'd be easy. He could just use a microphone. People could roll down their windows some. He is making things difficult.
  7. Amish Heart

    Jokes and Humor

    Husband just said yesterday that a hammock would be nice. I laughed my head off.
  8. Amish Heart

    Whats everybody doing today?

    It is a brilliant thought. Our electrician friend for many years is also a pastor for a handful of people. He texted the other day to see if my husband could figure out an FM transmitter that he could use to preach on to the people who come in their cars. He wanted them to be able to tune...
  9. Amish Heart

    Post good deals or bargains here

    It says its currently unavailable, and they don't know when they'll restock. Ha. No seed vault for you. Glad I have seeds. And seedlings.
  10. Amish Heart

    The Government Wants to Decide What Items Are Essential Purchases

    Our gov just announced liquor stores and car dealerships are not essential and will be shut down starting today.
  11. Amish Heart

    Howdy Everyone

    Welcome from New Mexico
  12. Amish Heart

    Hello from North Florida.

    Hi Mr Meer and welcome from New Mexico If your wife loves you, you must be ok.
  13. Amish Heart

    How's everyone getting along with family while locked in?

    Getting along fine. I don't want the grandkids sitting around, so they have lots of family chores to do, mostly planting. Gets them out of the house. Everyone has their own jobs. They wind down in the afternoon, usually read. A tv show after supper.
  14. Amish Heart

    Whats everybody doing today?

    Talking to daughter in Barrow, Alaska. They have everything (it's expensive) but milk. She sent her best bud in Austin TX a care pkg of flour, yeast, and salt.
  15. Amish Heart

    What Are You Having For Dinner

    Hamburgers, fries and onion rings
  16. Amish Heart

    Whats everybody doing today?

    I suspect we might be living like Jericho soon enough. Husband drove me to the day old bread store, he wanted to get out of the house. Closed. Bummer. Next door was Big Lots. Only a few cars in the parking lot. I had a 20% off entire purchase coupon. So I went in...only 3 or 4 people...
  17. Amish Heart

    Preparedness status - what has been your weak point through this?

    They are still supposed to be licensed to use those Baofangs. A lot of hams in your neighborhood?
  18. Amish Heart

    PETA Protests at Grocery Stores During Coronavirus Outbreak

    Awww, and passing out toilet paper to people using grabbers. What's that all about? A high price to gain a few converts. Ha Ha.
  19. Amish Heart

    COVID-19: finding HUMOR in dark corners

    Nah. Inmates are being released now.
  20. Amish Heart

    HOA wants to kick out family who telecommutes due to COVID19

    We had an HOA when we lived in California and the kids were little. We got a citation because we left a ball on the lawn overnight. Just got busy and forgot to bring it in. That was my first requirement when we moved and were househunting. No HOA.
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