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  1. Weedygarden

    The Government Wants to Decide What Items Are Essential Purchases

    No idea what a Devil Dog. I guess if they do ban them, it will have no affect on me, since I don't even know what it is.
  2. Weedygarden

    The Government Wants to Decide What Items Are Essential Purchases

    Things get jumbled up after a few days. Was it here that I previously saw that underwear and socks are deemed non-essential? I know the article Sentry posted said that clothing is deemed non-essential. That is okay for someone like me who has extras, but what about families with growing...
  3. Weedygarden

    The Government Wants to Decide What Items Are Essential Purchases

    I have been looking for seeds and plants, from the arm chair. While I do not eat many potatoes, I am thinking this is a year to grow some and will do so in 5 gallon buckets. Daughter has a bunch of buckets and she wants to grow some as well. We'll work together to get what we need to get this...
  4. Weedygarden

    Interesting read on what Wahu Flu might really be and to treat it.

    I am always interested in information that we won't necessarily get in mainstream news. This is very interesting, Woody. Thank you. I know little, but I have heard suggestions to take lots of vitamin C, minimally 2000 mg a day, and even more if you can for a little while. I have some 1000 mg...
  5. Weedygarden

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday, @backlash!
  6. Weedygarden

    3D Printed N95 Masks

    I think it is because of the concern for how they look is why some people resist wearing face masks.
  7. Weedygarden

    Do you stock Hydrogen Peroxide?

    I have a digital thermometer, actually a couple. The batteries are dead and almost impossible to find replacements! And I have two mercury thermometers. They are not necessarily as easy as I remember.
  8. Weedygarden

    Do you stock Hydrogen Peroxide?

    Thank you! Fixed it!
  9. Weedygarden

    Solar Cell Phone Chargers

    I find that my car charger is very slow to charge my phone as well. I charge my phone overnight, every night, but once in a while, especially when traveling, it depletes the battery more quickly due to roaming.
  10. Weedygarden

    White House: Americans should avoid grocery shopping

    There were instances of families going. There is nothing wrong with that when there is not a pandemic. I also think some families may not have many options for child care when the single parent has to get some groceries.
  11. Weedygarden

    Do you stock Hydrogen Peroxide?

    I never thought to use salt for cleaning a wound. I know we used to rinse our mouth with salt water if we had a canker sore. I would think the salt would burn, but maybe it is burning the germs as well. I remember using iodine and Mercurochrome as a child. Mercurochrome has mercury in it. I...
  12. Weedygarden

    Do you stock Hydrogen Peroxide?

    I keep a few bottles of it, and I know that some of them are a decade or more old. If and when I see it on sale, I will buy a bottle. It is usually on store shelves close to rubbing alcohol and when one is on sale, the other usually is as well. I have noticed that the price of both items has...
  13. Weedygarden

    My first post: Brisket

    Yum! Will you shred it and use it in sandwiches? First time around, I would slice it and eat it with sides, such as coleslaw or baked beans. Next I would have it as sandwiches. I have only made a couple briskets in my life. I do know they need to be cooked for a long time and on a little lower...
  14. Weedygarden

    Howdy Everyone

    Welcome from Colorado!
  15. Weedygarden

    Do you stock Hydrogen Peroxide?

    I found this article this morning. http://healthy-food-house.com/hydrogen-peroxide-cancer-must-know/?utm_source=Vicky&utm_medium=Vicky&utm_campaign=InfiGhuNab
  16. Weedygarden

    ID 2020

  17. Weedygarden

    ID 2020

    http://harbingersdaily.com/id-2020/ There is a clear, concerted effort on an international scale to provide a new, device-free, form of digital ID, starting with the displaced and impoverished areas as a pilot and will soon move to be scaled internationally. In Revelation 13, the Bible...
  18. Weedygarden

    A Death With No Funeral

    I have seen that there are virtual weddings and funerals, but no live guests. There are discussions about having graduation "parades" where graduates and their families line up in their cars and drive around their area, to help graduates to be celebrated. There are always creative people who...
  19. Weedygarden

    USS Roosevelt captain calls for entire crew to self-quarantine

    Now, Navy Capt. Brett E. Crozier has tested positive for Covid-19...
  20. Weedygarden

    Free Backwoods Home download

    Thank you! Lots of great information theere!
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