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  1. Peanut

    How To Preserve Extra Eggs

    Here is a mix I've used a couple of times... I'm not that fond of pickled eggs but these were good. Be careful of the Habanero's. I made one batch so hot I had to toss them.. Ingredients. Combine these in a sauce pan: 1) 2 Cups of White Vinegar 2) 1/2 Cup of Water 3) 1/2 Cup of White Sugar 4)...
  2. Peanut

    What's everyone watching?

    @Meerkat no... I've never seen it. I used to watch some of the ice road trucking shows but haven't seen one of those in years.
  3. Peanut

    What's everyone watching?

    Yea! The new season of the only reality show I have ever enjoyed started tonight. In fact it's on now... Deadliest Catch!
  4. Peanut

    Garden 2020.

    In case anyone is curious... These are the fig trees I'm trying to maneuver around at one end of my garden... I took the above photo standing about where the green metal T post with the white top is located. It's a pain trying to plow around these trees...
  5. Peanut

    Garden 2020.

    I had hoped to get my watermelons and cantaloupes planted today... but the rains came... The weatherman said the big rains were supposed to be tomorrow. I've gotten 3/4 of an inch so far today. So much for the melons, they'll have to wait. It'll be a few days before I can get the tractor back...
  6. Peanut

    Universal Edibility Test

    I went to the website and read the article there. The first thing I noticed is that whoever wrote it did not sign it. They list 4 writers for their site. There is no indication whether one of those writers or someone else wrote the article. One person named "Joey" left a reply concerning this...
  7. Peanut

    Free Backwoods Home download

    Thanks @WVDragonlady Gotem' all!
  8. Peanut

    Whats everybody doing today?

    Me too, starting about dark central time... kids have dinner, play... As soon as it gets dark there is online homework or lost amazon orders... It only lasts until about 8:30pm then goes back to normal.
  9. Peanut

    COVID-19: finding HUMOR in dark corners

    “Being in a ship is like being in jail, with the chance of being drowned.” - Samuel Johnson I loved being on a ship at sea... but to me a submarine was taking a running start at the "being drowned" part. Sort of like being more than halfway there already. 😁
  10. Peanut

    Whats everybody doing today?

    Another day spent resting with a nice afternoon nap. I got a few things done late. A cousin’s grandson has a lawn care business. He stopped by about 3 and brought his buddy. I had the bucket on the feloader waiting. They loaded the bucket with all the hedge trimmings from the other day. I also...
  11. Peanut

    Garden 2020.

    They are usually called hog panels in these parts... I was pretty sure I knew what you were referring to... just needed the pic. Thanks guys!
  12. Peanut

    COVID-19: finding HUMOR in dark corners

    When I was thinking of joining the navy they really wanted to train me to repair nuclear power plants... I knew what that meant... My answer was the same... NO thank you.
  13. Peanut

    Garden 2020.

    @Bacpacker Would you post of pic of your "cow panels"? Only way to be sure what you are referring to is a pic. Got a feeling I call the same thing a very different name... I have a lot of hogs and chicken houses around here... pic please?
  14. Peanut

    Howdy Everyone

    Welcome from Bama! Some good folks here, pull up a chair and set a spell. I now live on the farm where I was born... but lived in east TN for a couple of years, long ago.
  15. Peanut

    Sheep Sorrel

    Sheep Sorrel aka Rumex acetosella It’s related to the other edible Rumex plants, namely the Docks, curly dock for example. It has a history in herbal medicine that is for lack of a better term, fuzzy! Writers like John Gerard in 1597 and John Quincy in 1719 both make mention of it but lump it...
  16. Peanut

    School Me On Tractors

    To follow up on what Spikedriver wrote about and I agree with… 1) If you are getting a tractor, power, power and more power. You won’t regret power. 2) Compare this to buying a handgun. You have X amount of dollars… You can get the latest 9mm compact with all the bells or whistles or a used...
  17. Peanut

    Jokes and Humor

    Yesterday in the checkout line at the feed store two ladies in front of me were talking. One said "John" (who I assume was her husband)... She said "John keeps farting and telling me he's just checking to see if I can still smell". I guess you had to be there... :LOL::LOL:
  18. Peanut

    Whats everybody doing today?

    Ahhhh! Trudeau! Now it makes sense. I'd believe just about anything I heard that guy did. I did absolutely nothing today but take a nice long nap, badly needed... I walked out to the garden just a bit ago... The tomato plants I set out are looking poorly. I plan to go out after supper and give...
  19. Peanut

    Whats everybody doing today?

    What bans? I've not heard a single word about bans of any kind... Here in the Southeast all the truck stops are open, there is plenty of fuel, normal truck traffic on the interstate... Where are you talking about? No only is it not happening here I've not heard a single word about such in other...
  20. Peanut

    Whats everybody doing today?

    Any shortages I'm seeing have nothing to do with the supply chain and everything to do with panic buying. Like yesterday at wally's... The potato chip isle was half empty but there were 3 pallets of potatoes in produce. Idiots! Plenty of meats but shortages on certain cuts. I have two beautiful...
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