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  1. dademoss

    Recommended Things To Do and Not To Do.

  2. dademoss

    HAM radio shootout: Baofeng UV-5R vs. Yaesu FT-60R

    I like the Christmas tree stand, might have to steal that idea :) I use the Smiley Tri Band on my FT-60, it works well in our area. TRI Band My BF hears ok, but won't make the trip to the Slush Puppy factory in simplex from a lot of places the FT60 will.
  3. dademoss

    Recommended Things To Do and Not To Do.

    Cuomo and CNN both put it on the do not watch list :eyeballs: Wash your hands, hydrate, take a Motrin, change your socks and keep calm.
  4. dademoss

    A Blast From The Past - Classic Ads or Images

    Nice reveal :)
  5. dademoss

    The home of my dreams

    This one is about the right size :)
  6. dademoss

    The Government Wants to Decide What Items Are Essential Purchases

    Devil Dogs freeze pretty well for a SHTF situation :) The fudge covered ones are the best!
  7. dademoss

    Word association game

  8. dademoss

    Whats everybody doing today?

    For sure! Starting up the sourdough starter, I'll make a little bread when I want some.
  9. dademoss

    Whats everybody doing today?

    I just got the last of the "pantry" amazon stuff I ordered weeks ago. It's way easier now to get in the car and drive to the store and buy what I need. Kinda worried, the bread STILL hasn't gotten moldy, what the SCHIFF do they put in there? Not sure I want to eat it anymore, but the...
  10. dademoss

    COVID-19: finding HUMOR in dark corners

    I don't miss the days when I wore a full face respirator with those cartridges.
  11. dademoss

    Happy National Beer Day!

    My favorite, or the swill I can afford to drink :p Favorite is Yuengling lager :)
  12. dademoss

    COVID-19: finding HUMOR in dark corners

    You even got the "new model" cartridges, mine is so old they are the "2040" Made in the USA :)
  13. dademoss

    Jokes and Humor

    That is why I don't have a hammock :eyeballs:
  14. dademoss

    Whats everybody doing today?

    Hope you heal quickly, my altercations with power tools have never come out with me a winner :(
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