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  1. VoorTrekker

    Grow Towers?

    I cannot do this project because I am an over the road truck driver and my "survivalist" friends are so disinclined. Any takers who have space and an afternoon? There was an article in a 1990's publication about Canadian Potato Boxes. The boxes were 4' x 4' x 3'. These were made of one by four...
  2. VoorTrekker

    Ammo Purchasing Problems and Solutions

    I have purchased online and had it sent to my home, but some states prohibit home deliveries and may eventually outlaw or prohibitively over tax ammo. One solution is to have it shipped to postal commercial services, package sent and received stores, etc. They must inform you if they do not...
  3. VoorTrekker


    I received three or four PM's from another preparedness site telling me about this one. I couldn't resist as one of the members took me by surprise. Kindness is always unexpected in my environs. I am a Cold War era survivalist having life experience in rural Pennsylvania and Texas, urban...