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  1. randyt

    Generator fix?

    I have a kubota generator thats about 20 years old. The field keeps losing its charge. I can exite the field with a AC/DC drill motor by plugging it into it while the generator is running and giving the chuck a spin. Have to hold the trigger in for this to work. I have put in a couple generic...
  2. randyt

    Looking for great books about the the French underground during Nazi occupation, or other similar human struggles.

    American Gurrila in the Phillipines by Ira wolferet. Its about american soldiers left behind during ww 2. It is the first written account i can find on making a slam/bang shotgun from pipe.
  3. randyt

    Stove black

    A black paste that gets rubbed onto cast iron stoves. Similar to a shoe polish
  4. randyt

    Stove black

    Stove blacked the stove today. For cast iron I prefer stove black over paint
  5. randyt

    What are you paying for gas?

    March 6 2021, gas is $2.79 per gallon in the tipp of the mitt AKA northern michigan
  6. randyt

    The good life

    There was another neighbor that wrote a book. Maybe it was called living next to the good life. I guess it could be called the rest of the story. I have not read that book though. I may pick it up. Its not all that important to me but i was surprised they were not who i thought they were.
  7. randyt

    Winterizing the home

    I pour about a gallon of "red pop" into the washing machine and put it into a spin cycle. This anti freezes the pump and pumps anti freeze into the trap on the standpipe or laundry tub. For a dishwasher i pour a bit of anti freeze into the bottom and run a cycle. Then i disconnect the supply...
  8. randyt

    The good life

    When I was a kid, I read a book by Helen and Scott Nearing. The book was called he good life or living the good life. I still have the book. The Nearings homesteaded in Maine. They built slip form stone buildings grew garden, maple sugared for income. It sounds good. For fun I googled Scotts...
  9. randyt

    What Are You Having For Dinner

    Hot chocolate and saugage and cheese tortilla
  10. randyt

    Food Storage Information

    there's a book called Passport to Survival written by Ester Dickey. It's about using four main foods, wheat, honey, powdered milk and salt.
  11. randyt

    long term food storage

    after I posted this I noticed a long thread above my post on food storage...
  12. randyt

    long term food storage

    I was reading something the other day about stored food. After a few years food will lose some of its nutritional value. It may taste the same but doesn't have the nutrition. I'm thinking long term is five years plus. So what is the proper way to store food long term and retain its nutritional...
  13. randyt

    What are you paying for gas?

    feb 2 2021 it's 2.45 a gallon in northern michigan
  14. randyt

    charging a laptop

    they both put out 19 volts but my battery is charged very well, wonder if my acer cord has been bad for awhile
  15. randyt

    charging a laptop

    I have a acer lap top that I use for most things. The charger cord went bad. So in desperation I plugged the charger cord from my wife's HP laptop. It worked so well my icon says the battery has 6 days 12 hours of charge time left on it, LOL. I expect once the battery runs down it will probably...
  16. randyt

    Need suggestions on a couple good comealongs

    I didn't see it posted but have you checked into a wyeth scott? a couple of the photos look like a wyeth
  17. randyt

    Haircuts... who does their own? LOL!!

    my wife does mine but it's pretty simple, like shearing a sheep..
  18. randyt

    What is your start to foraging and what is it?

    Morels, leeks and the sucker run
  19. randyt

    Greeting From Michigan

    hello from the tipp of the mitt
  20. randyt

    never know about people

    There a fella in our town and for no reason I have never really cared for him. Anyhoo he helps a restaurant with catering jobs. My daughter also works at this place. I asked the daughter how it was to work with him. She said he was a nice guy. She was telling me that he gave her his tips from...