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  1. randyt

    Generator fix?

    I have a kubota generator thats about 20 years old. The field keeps losing its charge. I can exite the field with a AC/DC drill motor by plugging it into it while the generator is running and giving the chuck a spin. Have to hold the trigger in for this to work. I have put in a couple generic...
  2. randyt

    Stove black

    Stove blacked the stove today. For cast iron I prefer stove black over paint
  3. randyt

    The good life

    When I was a kid, I read a book by Helen and Scott Nearing. The book was called he good life or living the good life. I still have the book. The Nearings homesteaded in Maine. They built slip form stone buildings grew garden, maple sugared for income. It sounds good. For fun I googled Scotts...
  4. randyt

    long term food storage

    I was reading something the other day about stored food. After a few years food will lose some of its nutritional value. It may taste the same but doesn't have the nutrition. I'm thinking long term is five years plus. So what is the proper way to store food long term and retain its nutritional...
  5. randyt

    charging a laptop

    I have a acer lap top that I use for most things. The charger cord went bad. So in desperation I plugged the charger cord from my wife's HP laptop. It worked so well my icon says the battery has 6 days 12 hours of charge time left on it, LOL. I expect once the battery runs down it will probably...
  6. randyt

    never know about people

    There a fella in our town and for no reason I have never really cared for him. Anyhoo he helps a restaurant with catering jobs. My daughter also works at this place. I asked the daughter how it was to work with him. She said he was a nice guy. She was telling me that he gave her his tips from...
  7. randyt

    Scagel Handmade

    Picked up a book about William Scagel, father of the modern knifemaking industry. I believe Randall worked with him some. Old Bill was quite a character, got in a wizzing contest with the local power company and after that made his own power. He ran his shop with a engine from a caddilac. He...
  8. randyt


    Must always be patient with kids, no matter what. It seems as I get older my patience seems to get thinner so to speak. When I was young I had lots of patience. Now it like a buzzard "patience heck, I'm going to go kill something" lol, fugitively speaking. Must be turning into a cranky old man..
  9. randyt


    Had a ice storm in my area last night. Couldnt walk to the van without slipping and sliding. Needed to go to wotk and feed the animals. In the closet i keep a pair of crampons. They came in handy today.
  10. randyt

    source of salt

    I was at the feed store the other day and noticed big bags of morton salt. This was not softener salt or salt for icy side walks. These bags looked to be about 50 pound size. I asked the fella there what the salt was for. Was expecting him to say for sauerkraut. He said most guys buy it for...
  11. randyt

    Sundown at Coffin Rock

    I would say someone didn't raise their kids and grandkids right Sundown At Coffin Rock (
  12. randyt

    campfire pressure cooker

    A vendor gave ma a gift certificate so I picked up this campfire pressure cooker. Today I tried it out. I used it on a woodstove rather than a campfire here I'm boiling water to clean it for use Here it is with the yoke attached and cooking some veggies and a couple pieces of chicken. It's...
  13. randyt

    core interests

    I was thinking about this earlier. I have core interests but my book shelf has many subjects. I was looking over my selections and have a bunch of books on placer mining. One is a book on making a gold rocker. Chances ae I will never make it to placer country but I will never trade off that...
  14. randyt

    favorite gifts

    I was thinking earlier today about some favorite gifts I received over the years. The first that comes to mind is a packbasket I got for Christmas when I was a kid, still have it. It came from Cronk's trapping supply out of Maine. Made from hand split ash. Nothing like the mass produced...
  15. randyt

    steam bath

    I was reading a lewis and clark account earlier about the blacksmiths that went with them on their journey. Their names were shields and bratton. If memory serves sheilds may have been the oldest member at 35. Shields did such a great job lewis and clark wanted him to receive additional...
  16. randyt

    two cycle oil

    I did a forum search and nothing came up. what is everyone's preferred two cycle oil? I've been using amzoil sabre. I get it in a jug or little packets designed for gallon of gas.
  17. randyt

    reading comprehension

    I have not seen it on this forum. It seems the lack of reading comprehension can be a problem at times on other forums. It seems larger the forum, the worse the problem can be. Is this a indication of the failing of our education system? Or more to do with the instant-ness of the WWW? This...
  18. randyt

    "new" pick up

    A bit a go I bought a 2019 pick up with 35 thousand miles on it. Thank goodness for a good economy, I about paid cash for it, first time since 2007 I've been in that position. That's a story for another time. This post is about some kind of fancy azz undercoating method. I'm in a area that...
  19. randyt

    starting over

    This is one of my stock questions. Has any of the members started over? Just the other day a local had their house burn to the ground. No one was hurt. They had it paid off. Alas no insurance. They had a handy man do some electrical wiring. In these modern times starting over shouldn't be too...
  20. randyt


    I like porches, porches are a great place to whittle, drink coffee and contemplate. here's my porch