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  1. dademoss

    April 19th

    Do you have your Bedford flag ready to fly on April 19th? It's sad Massachusetts has fallen so far from it's roots.
  2. dademoss

    Scooter, one of our cats.

    Scooter is one of our cats, and will be crossing the rainbow bridge tomorrow with the assistance of his Vet, Dr. Swinney. He has cancer, and will not be coming home with us. He had diabetes, but nonetheless had many good years sharing his life with us. I will miss him greatly, but soon he...
  3. dademoss

    Need a new router.

    My cheap cheesy ass TP-link router went belly up today, so the backup ancient Apple Airport Extreme came back off the shelf. Anyone have an opinion on a GOOD, relatively inexpensive router that has served them well?
  4. dademoss

    Homemade soap articles

    The current Grit magazine has some soap making articles: Homemade Saddle Soap Making Mothers Milk soap
  5. dademoss

    1911 Boy Scout Handbook

    For anyone interested, at the link is a PDF of the 1911 Boy Scout Handbook, Courtesy project Gutenberg.
  6. dademoss

    The Sifter

    This may be of interest to some: The backstory: A Database of 5,000 Historical Cookbooks Is Now Online, and You Can Help Improve It The website: The Sifter - A Food History Research Tool
  7. dademoss

    Historical How To

    A few things I found today, wandering the vast expanse of the internet. Too big for the forum to host, so the PDFs are stored on a google drive. A Practical Treatise on Brewing: A_practical_treatise_on_brewing.pdf Farm Mechanics: Farm_Mechanies.pdf Handy Farm Devices...
  8. dademoss

    Shortwave listening without a radio.

    Anyone interested in listening to a variety of shortwave radio stations should check out : It's fun to poke around and play with, and a lot cheaper than a good shortwave receiver.
  9. dademoss

    Emergency Supply Checklist

    A checklist from Augason Farms for emergencies:[r1.0.1].jpg It's a place to start if you are a beginning your preps :)
  10. dademoss

    The kind of men that carry a pocket knife.

    A short piece on the kind of men that carry a pocket knife: I'm always amazed at how many people don't have one on their person.
  11. dademoss

    Tropical Storm Barry

    Please feel free to share with anyone in the path of tropical storm Barry:
  12. dademoss

    Nothing really new, but for your consideration.

    Doug MacKinnon: Will you survive the coming blackout? There are many never-ending debates between Republicans and Democrats. Impeach vs. don’t impeach; capital punishment vs. life in prison; wall vs. no wall; legalizing marijuana vs. not; self-driving cars vs. human drivers; Red Sox vs...
  13. dademoss

    FCC Cores System

    If you are not aware the ULS CORE system is changing to an new system on 1 March 2019. These changes affect ALL licensees. You need to re register on the new system then associate your legacy FRN to the new account. You must have an email to complete the process. The new website is...
  14. dademoss

    Playin "Possum"

    It's finally happened, I got to see an Opossum playing possum. Heard the saying, knew what it meant, but I've never seen it "live" Teddy (Teddy Ruxpin is our "Heinz 57" dog) found an Opossum treading on his sacred territory, and barked and barked. I go outside, and there is fairly small...
  15. dademoss

    Body language and threat recognition - an article by Massad Ayoob

    Worth sharing with the ones I respect and love: From Massad Ayoob/Backwoods Home magazine/forum: You are invited to read, and share with those you love. Even the people in our lives who fear weapons can benefit from seeing danger signs in time to at least exit the danger zone…I hope. Human...
  16. dademoss

    Soap making

    At the link is an excel spreadsheet that calculates the amounts of Lye and water for your soapmaking, based on the Fats/oils you plan to use. Note, I have not used this shee, but it seems to be okay based on my recall. ALWAYS check the pH of your final mix before using :)...
  17. dademoss

    New sewing machine

    Our "Heavy Duty" Singer has bit the dust, it won't stay in time, so something is amiss. It worked good new, but over the years (and really not so many years) it's gotten worse. Rather than fix it, I would like to get a better mechanical machine. We hem pants, jeans, curtains etc, so nothing...
  18. dademoss

    Assorted preparedness/survivalist/misc files

    A few things on a google drive that may be of interest. Pick and choose what you like.
  19. dademoss

    Stop the Bleed

    Are you prepared to stop a major bleed, especially if you live away from emergency services? Ran across this story today, and it's a great example of someone being prepared to take action, and having the gear that was needed. ... isappeared "The bones...
  20. dademoss

    The Caliphate

    For those interested, some fiction on the spread of the Muslim religion, free from Amazon for the kindle. Caliphate Kindle Edition by Tom Kratman It was listed at the end of The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun Matthew Bracken's...