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  1. UrbanHunter

    Cleaning supplies

    I was thinking about cleaning supplies, in a long term limited access event how do you maintain your home, clothes, and other things that need to be clean. For example, how would you wash clothes, do you have a hand crank wringer? clothes lines? how do you maintain you hygiene without...
  2. UrbanHunter

    Garden 2021

    Place to discuss and share your 2021 gardening adventures. Talk about your plans, your progress, and your harvests. I would also encourage people to share their lessons learned (both positive and the negative).
  3. UrbanHunter


    I like hunting (bow, black powder, and firearms) and year round gardening. I have a very broad background with experience in a number of relevant fields. Our family did home schooling back in the day and even did virtual learning over 20 years ago, using satalite, VCRs, and dial-up internet...