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  1. MoBookworm1957

    2021 Crocheting projects

    I think this year, I shall endeavor to make me a simple sweater. Maybe in one of those new fangled stitches I just learned. I'm still trying to use up my yarn stash. And I have made great inroads doing just that. Started out with 20- 18 gallon totes of yarn this year. Just got 1 large...
  2. MoBookworm1957

    Perpetual stiffness in right knee

    I have perpetual stiffness in new right knee. What can I do to loosen it up. I exercise, walk,ice, elevate that knee. It seems to be stiffer than left new knee. Any suggestions would be welcome. Exercises include squats,stretches, leg lifts, resistance bands, aerobics, yoga. Doesn't seem to...
  3. MoBookworm1957

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Just in case I'm not online while I prepare Thanksgiving dinner this year. I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. May you all be blessed. Hopefully you will stay safe during this holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!
  4. MoBookworm1957

    Are lavender and sage good for fleas?

    Can I rub Strawberry down with fresh lavender and sage to get rid of fleas She was double suds with Dawn dish soap this morning for her weekly shower. She's already back to scratching, digging in her fur for fleas, red ants. I have vacuumed all the furniture already. I would wash chair cushions...
  5. MoBookworm1957


    Need ideas on how to use flatbread? Can you use it as chips?
  6. MoBookworm1957


    Well I tried to make hummus for the first time today. It's not as smooth as what you buy at the store. But will try to put it through the blender to get it smoother.
  7. MoBookworm1957

    Heartfelt Gratitude

    I can't thank you enough. Or express the words enough for helping me in my time of need. Strawberry has been licking the tears off my face this evening. But she thinks her human is weird right now. So she gone back to the love seat to nap and snore. You guys rock. Thank you so much it means a...
  8. MoBookworm1957

    Looking for Christmas Candy Recipe:

    I am looking for the recipe for Snowman Poop. This is what I know about the recipe: 3 or 4 ingredients white chocolate vanilla ?????? ?????? Melt chocolate, add vanilla, add next 2 ingredients let stand on parchment paper till harden Can't remember last ingredients. Please help.
  9. MoBookworm1957

    Who decides which Ads are run here?

    Who decides on the ads here? I understand we have to have ads. But do we have to have multi dating ads within seconds of each other. Or shopping ads of unmentionables every few minutes. I can understand about the Cabela ads, Freezer King,Harvest ads. But in the last few minutes I have seen ads...
  10. MoBookworm1957

    Weaving Loom

    I don't use it, don't know how to use it. Friends children gave it to me when she passed. Will be selling,trying to clear the clutter. As much as it saddens me will be selling tabletop weaving loom.
  11. MoBookworm1957

    Forgotten my manners temporarily.

    I want to apologize for my language the other day. I am putting on my Army uniform tomorrow night to honor a fellow LEO. A gentleman whom I have served with in the military and in civilian life. I am but one of his pall bearers, who shall honor this man. I am not excusing my language, nor am...
  12. MoBookworm1957

    Gram's Thread Project

    Getting ready to start next to last Gram's Thread Project. As this will use up quite a bit of my stash. I think I am ready at last. Will post picture of center block. When done will post picture of finished quilt. Just this quilt and mine are the last of Gram's Thread Projects. Started out with...
  13. MoBookworm1957

    Forensic Science- Hidden Evidence

    Have been enjoying this book. Course it's a college textbook. Even though I won't use this information in my career. I want to finish my degree in Forensics. Just need to finish 20 hours and 20 hours of labs. This text book actually takes place in Tn. At the body school(people donate their body...
  14. MoBookworm1957

    Threads and forums

    As I read through the threads and forums. I am amazed of the wealth of information. And yes, I am reading all the way through each of the forums and threads.
  15. MoBookworm1957

    Hello from Missouri

    I am retired, 2 grown sons, 1 daughter in law, 1 very special first grandchild, little girl named Estelle. 1 spoiled Jack Russell/ Beagle mix named Strawberry. I''m an Army veteran. My hobbies include sewing,quilting,reading,cooking,gardening, walking in the woods during a rain shower in...