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  1. jazzy

    Thanksgiving Casserole---Thanksgiving Dinner Without the Fuss

    this is a great recipe for a casserole that has all the good stuff of a Thanksgiving dinner but without all the fuss and work. it is one of my favorites Thanksgiving turkey Casserole 1 can cream of celery soup 1 can of cream of potato soup 1 cup milk 1/4 tsp thyme 1/8 tsp pepper 2 cups...
  2. jazzy

    Hilarious Parody of Crazy Tik Tok Dancer

    remember the crazy lady on tik tok doing that dance while lecturing people? i tohught she was having some spasms or something or mentally ill. well, here is a 'maga' version. this is hilarious! its about 7 min...
  3. jazzy

    How I Vacuum Seal without Vacuum Sealer Bags

    ive thought about this before but never tried it --just as in wondering if i cant get any more sealer bags what i might try. this lasy has been using the thick freezer bags. there is a little trick to it--but i tohught this was pretty interesting. has anyone ever tried this? How I Vacuum...
  4. jazzy

    Baking bread without electricity just by candles.

    i saw this and thought it was very interesting. ive not tried it but im going to. he uses the little tea light candles and yup, bakes some bread. never know when it might come in handy. ok looks like you have to click on 'play on youtube'. Baking bread without electricity just by candles.
  5. jazzy

    Medical Magnet Therapy

    magnetic therapy---yeah, laugh if you want but the stuff works these are not refrigerator magnets they are high strength medical magnets--high gauss rating and negative polarity. i first started about 25yrs ago with some good magnetic insoles. i had a job that i was on my feet 24/7 it seemed...
  6. jazzy

    10 things that happens when an economy collapses

    this was a very well done video aobut things to be expected as a collapse grows. about 15 min 10 things that happens when an economy collapses
  7. jazzy

    First Aid Trick for a Burn

    i saw tihs video, never heard of this before to treat a burn , ill give it a try next time i burn myself
  8. jazzy

    2018 Swedish Pamphlet 'If Crisis or War Comes' and how to prepare

    i thought this was pretty interesting--- just saw that not everything i tried to copy and paste came over---the list of contents is really worthwhile IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR THE POPULATION OF SWEDEN If Crisis Or War Comes Contents KEEP THIS BROCHURE! Total defence Warning systems Your...
  9. jazzy

    MMS - Chlorine Dioxide Facts and Use

    no its not bleach. that is a lie pushed by fda and media to scare people from using it this is a link to some excellent videos explaining what it is, hits history and multiple uses including medical and its success over the years. i have used this for years for different purposes and have...
  10. jazzy

    Make Your Own Brown Sugar

    kinda cool idea---got it from an alaska prepper video--i really like that guy . he has many other great videos on homesteading and prepping and how the world is changing. for a med dark brown sugar take 1 cup white sugar mix 2 T molasses, stir and mix real well with a fork- takes a minute or...
  11. jazzy

    Its a Southern Thing

    this is a terrific chgannelk about all things southern whether they make sense or not. im from TN and i sure miss many (not all) things aobut the south. , these guys are hilarious, i hope they brighten your day too talking on the phone is torture
  12. jazzy

    Anyone Dealing With IBS?

    anyone tdealing with IBS id like to hear what you have tried, what worked or didnt work. thanks
  13. jazzy

    Kids Versus Old Folks - Jeff Foxworthy

    do you need a good laugh? Kids Versus Old Folks
  14. jazzy

    Teeth - Dentures

    as this is for prepping id like to encourage people before the shtf, go to a dentist and make sure your teth are ok. get em fixed. if you got dentures - (i got uppers)---do you have a duplicate or 2? do you have denture rrepair kits do you have denture r4eline kits for relines ive got...
  15. jazzy

    Is My Place Being Scoped Out?

    weird question but something thats been bothering me for the last month. i live way up in CO mountings, very rural, unpaved roads, some houses on 5 acres plots--nothing fancy but quiet and good neighbors. iv e been here over 12 years, some fencing close to the house to keep the dogs in...
  16. jazzy

    Phytophthora Fungus Infects Vegetable Gardens Across the Country

    i saw this article and sent it to a friend in MO who hasd large gardens, she says gers are devestated from this. she lost her lettuce, beans, all squash, tomatoes, and more. her root crops were ok so far but its really put a hurt on her. so far ive not seen any here in central CO.. its si...
  17. jazzy

    Im Tincturing My Butt Off...........

    ive enjoyed making differetnt types of herbal remedies over the years, im no expert but i have my favorites, whether salves, oil, teas or tinctures. in light of the seemingly negative economic implications lately, prices rising and shortages, i ve been tincturing my butt off.. elderberry...
  18. jazzy

    Question on increasing font and bold menu bar, tabs, drop downs

    i got a new laptop to replace my dying one. this new one is windows 10. ive gone thru the steps to set my font type and size for everything. i use firefox as browser and went thru their steps too. but i cant find how to bold the text for menu bar, tabs, drop down menus. my last 'puter...
  19. jazzy

    A Tip About Tendonitis

    ive had a couple bouts of tendinitis and learned a tip how to help it firt i had the type where the tops of my feet were in pain--- weird---but i learned it was the tendons on my shins. i learned from a physical therapist to take 2 of my finfers and rub cross wise against the grain for 50...
  20. jazzy

    Kap-Dwa: mummified 12 foot 2 headed giant

    in case its a slow news day--- im thinking the 'days of noah' must have been a little creepy Kap-Dwa: The terrifying two-headed giant mummy There isn’t a shortage of ancient texts and general evidence to support the idea that giants lived on Earth. Now, meet Kap Dwa, a two-headed...