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  1. hiwall

    Couples you never thought would split

    This year one of our sons called us to wish us happy anniversary. We had both forgotten it was our anniversary! It was 43 years.
  2. hiwall

    Preparations Update

    The one by us is only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I was going to call today to see if they were open and I forgot. Hopefully I'll remember this Saturday.
  3. hiwall

    Tribal leader calls for removal of Mt. Rushmore?

    Every Indian who has a building on any reservation should be deeded that property so they could sell it or live there. If they decide to live there they would be responsible for property taxes from then on. The remaining land on all reservations should become normal federally owned property...
  4. hiwall

    Whitlock blasts NFL for caving to BLM

    And yet the NFL does not pay taxes even though it is a multi-billion dollar business. All pro-sports should be disbanded (maybe not rodeos).
  5. hiwall

    Greetings from Western Indiana!

    Welcome from the free state of Arizona
  6. hiwall

    Pax, from Southern Ohio

    Welcome from Arizona
  7. hiwall

    Whats everybody doing today?

    Went out for a short walk today I found a magazine for a 10/22. :woo hoo: Free gun parts are always appreciated
  8. hiwall

    Post A Photo, A Real Photo

    I just ate some cornbread (a common occurrence here :) )
  9. hiwall

    Post A Photo, A Real Photo

    I made cornbread this morning in my Sun Oven. I put a little sugar in it too! To the people who do not want sugar in any cornbread - Do you eat it plain? Or do you spread jelly/jam that is packed with sugar on it? Or do you load it up with honey before you eat it?
  10. hiwall

    Banks have grown by $2 trillion since Corona virus first hit

    If inflation keeps going (which I think is likely) then everyone will need huge piles of cash just to stay alive.
  11. hiwall

    Good morning from Upstate NY

    Welcome from the free state of Arizona
  12. hiwall

    Post A Photo, A Real Photo

    I didn't think I was but I made it. There was no trail other than once in a while we followed an elk trail for a bit.
  13. hiwall

    Preparations Update

    Picked up some more canning lids and a case of pint jars this weekend.
  14. hiwall

    Whats everybody doing today?

    One of my sons is here visiting over the long weekend. He brought a gun with issues for me to work on for him. It is a Marlin revolver that is maybe 135 years old or so. I had no original parts on hand! It was missing the hand spring which I made with no problem and now that part works fine...
  15. hiwall

    Post A Photo, A Real Photo

    Our youngest son came for over the weekend on Thursday. On Saturday he and I hiked to the top of the bluff behind our house. I had not gone there before. It was a short hike of only about 6 miles but there was about a 1500 foot rise in elevation. It was about 9000 foot elevation at the top...
  16. hiwall

    Cashless Society

    We should change back to real silver coins. The silver kills viruses so they would be very safe to use. As far as a shortage of coins, I think it is a designed shortage. There as always been plenty of coins and they didn't just disappear. I believe evil is afoot.
  17. hiwall

    I am taking the plunge!

    Best of luck to you!
  18. hiwall

    Tribal leader calls for removal of Mt. Rushmore?

    Apparently people have forgotten who won the war. Personally I believe it might be time to do it again.
  19. hiwall

    Fauci on masks

    I think any mask law is bogus. I actually think the mask laws are 100% political. Telling people they must wear masks and seeing everyone wearing masks instills fear in the population. Who is going to vote for the re-election of a President when they are all scared to even go to town? He...
  20. hiwall

    Well that's interesting - Fun or Unusual Facts

    Willie Nelson is helping Joe Biden do a fund-raiser soon.