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  1. Alaskajohn

    Hello From Wisconsin

    Welcome from the mountains of Alaska! It sounds like you will have lots of items to share as there are many here doing just what you are doing!
  2. Alaskajohn

    Hello from Wyoming

    Welcome from the great state of Alaska!
  3. Alaskajohn

    Post A Photo, A Real Photo

    Another couple pictures I borrowed from my wife’s iPhone. It’s a nice day today!
  4. Alaskajohn

    Post A Photo, A Real Photo

    I stole these from my wife’s iPhone of some of the flowers she has growing around the old homestead.
  5. Alaskajohn

    Double Extra Huge Brown Bear.

    Amazing creatures
  6. Alaskajohn

    Need MOTIVATION...?? Smithfield Foods announced a 1,800-person pork processing plant CLOSING.

    Its also sad to note that Smithfield was once a proud American owned company. Another major food producer owned by the enemy. How can we be selling our means of survival to the enemy...
  7. Alaskajohn

    Funny thing, nobody cared when it was ANTIFA...

    Just looking at them with how clean cut they were, all in standard looking uniforms from their hats, shirts, khaki pants down to their boots. Who dresses like that?
  8. Alaskajohn

    Funny thing, nobody cared when it was ANTIFA...

    Feds arrested by local cops. False flag avoided.
  9. Alaskajohn

    Hello from Northern Minnesota

    Another welcome from Alaska!
  10. Alaskajohn

    "WHAT" will it take for you to "SHIFT into OVERDRIVE" and Floor-it.....???

    I accelerated my plans into high gear about a year before the pandemic after stepping up my plans about 7-8 years ago. I wish I would have put my foot on the gas about 2 years before I did as it would have saved me from what I had to pay for some projects during the pandemic. But those...
  11. Alaskajohn

    Chickens Vs. Rabbits

    Solar would be a bit hard when I get no sunlight during part of my winter. But yes, electric fences do work. Not a bad idea but I would hard wire it. Add this to my long list of never ending projects on a limited budget! I’ve been thinking about this.
  12. Alaskajohn

    Chickens Vs. Rabbits

    After chasing off a delicious looking black bear this morning, I’m reminded why I have been reluctant to do rabbits or chickens. Third time this year that I’ve had to chase a bear away. The original homesteader had some sort of area where they had chickens or rabbits. Its all overgrown with...
  13. Alaskajohn

    Chickens Vs. Rabbits

    In Alaska, rabbits do exceptionally well. As a kid on the farm, we had both. But I recall chicken and eggs were a larger part of our diets. I have friends in Alaska who raise chickens. I will need to catch up with them for how well they do. I probably ought to add one or both to my little...
  14. Alaskajohn

    Today in History, Lest we Forget

    I always envisioned a much higher bridge. :)
  15. Alaskajohn

    Hello guys

    Welcome from Alaska!
  16. Alaskajohn

    Anyone know "much" about "TRUSTS" If expecting DEPRESSION...??

    First, I think you should talk to a lawyer. That said, you might want to read up on the attached. It's not really the thing you are looking for, but its an option that many folks use. I would think most lawyers would bring up this trust first...
  17. Alaskajohn

    Brain "Fart"......or short trip in "Way Back Machine"......???

    The wife and I still write checks, but it has been a long time since I used a true fountain pen. My mom would use one, and so did I, a long time ago!
  18. Alaskajohn

    Two Fat cats fighting

    Add me to the list of those who thought this would be about a couple elites fighting over our confiscated wealth.
  19. Alaskajohn

    Hello! I am glad to be here.

    Welcome from Alaska!