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  1. Alaskajohn

    How to best use wood chips on the old homestead

    I will be using my wood chipper heavily this summer and I will be producing a massive amounts of wood chips. This will be willows and alders from this summers project of extending my wildfire protective standoff. I want to best utilize this byproduct. I already have plans to use them for...
  2. Alaskajohn

    I know this is Alaska, but…

    May 14 surprise. I was going to turn the soil in my gardens today.
  3. Alaskajohn

    Strong solar storm predicting a great Aurora light show tonight

    To my northern hemisphere friends, there is a good chance for a northern lights show tonight. This is predicted to be a KP7 for today. The KP index goes from 1 to 9. This is among the stronger predicted hits the earth has taken in recent years based on the KP index. I think I will stay up to...
  4. Alaskajohn

    Useful vehicle modifications

    Admit it, you want this too!
  5. Alaskajohn

    The first 100 things that go in a collapse

    First Hundred Things That Go In A Collapse (Part 1) I found the article interesting. Apparently, the list is based on real world and recent SHTF event. While I hate long lists, it was still worthwhile to review and evaluate where you stand on such items. One of my favorite prepping items...
  6. Alaskajohn

    Tannin in wine - headaches

    Over the years I have drank a lot of fancy wine with tannin, typically the Napa Cabernet Sauvignon that have high tannin content with no effect. My wife would get headaches, but at the time they never bothered me. About 5 years ago I retired from a job where I had to entertain a lot, and I...
  7. Alaskajohn

    My ignored prep - shaving

    I like a clean face and shave pretty near everyday, and very rarely go more than a day without shaving. While I have a lifetime of blades stashed away, not so for shaving cream. In my mind, I was simply going to use hot soap and water to prep my face to shave. Is there a better solution...
  8. Alaskajohn

    Bob Dole’s final joke.. It’s a good one

    From Bob Dole's farewell letter: "I'm a bit curious to learn if I am correct in thinking that Heaven will look a lot like Kansas. ...And to see, like others who have gone before me, if I will still be able to vote in Chicago."
  9. Alaskajohn

    Home security camera system help

    I think I want a basic home security camera system. I’m thinking I need 3 cameras mounted outdoors and a system that connect to WiFi so I can keep an eye on things when away. It doesnt need to connect to fire or police since there are no such service where I live. Just a basic system that I...
  10. Alaskajohn

    Indoor/outdoor weather station that allows for remote monitoring

    I want to upgrade my weather station to something that is WiFi enabled to allow for remote monitoring of indoor and outdoor temps. The remote monitoring would be useful to keep my eyes on things if I am away. When I look on Amazon I see tons of bells and whistles which are fine and dandy. The...
  11. Alaskajohn

    All about that base (for your viewing and listening pleasure)

    At least I am for this song!
  12. Alaskajohn

    Mountain House freeze dried Pad Thai with Chicken review

    Hopefully this is the best section to put this review. A year or so ago I bought a single pouch of the Mountain House Pad Thai with Chicken on a whim and it has set on a shelf almost forgotten. Yesterday for lunch I looked in the fridge and didn’t see any leftovers, so I decided to make the...
  13. Alaskajohn

    Thread seal tape for plumbing. What’s the best?

    I am running low on plumbers thread seal tape and went on Amazon noticing a bunch of different types. I’ve never given it much thought before. Is there a clearly super thread seal tape? I might as well stock up with the good stuff if there is truly a superior product. This is the type of...
  14. Alaskajohn

    Canned butter??

    I’ve always been a bit worried about having adequate fats when things get tough. Most of the game in my area is a bit lean. Fats don’t typically have a long shelf life, so I am stockpiling some with decent shelf life. I do have the Auguson Farms powdered butter that has a 10 year shelf life...
  15. Alaskajohn

    Stunning Interview Sees China Warn "23 Million Australians" That US Pact Now Makes Them "Target" For Nuclear Attack

    Stunning Interview Sees China Warn "23 Million Australians" That US Pact Now Makes Them "Target" For Nuclear Attack | ZeroHedge This is a brazen and bold threat of what literally means a preemptive nuclear strike if hostilities with the west break out. A little snippet: The ABC host...
  16. Alaskajohn

    Night vision/thermal optics for $500ish?

    I heard a noise last night about a mile off that didn’t appear to be animal made. It got my dog on alert for a good hour as he sat at the window looking, smelling and listening. I want something to help me see at night, probably hand held and not mounted on a rifle. But I am open. Since it’s...
  17. Alaskajohn

    Low decibel generators at about 7000 watts

    I need a backup generator that will be an upgrade from my noisy 5.5 KW Onan generator. The Onan is fairly low noise, but it still rates a 69 dB(A) where the Honda come in at 52 to 58 dB(A). When sound travels forever on a cold winter night. I am looking for something that can do 120/240V...
  18. Alaskajohn

    Cutting metal roofs

    Typically have these things cut to order, but I need to cut a small piece for a couple awnings. I have used large snips and reciprocating saws to cut these with these in the past, but the cuts were not professional looking. I want the awnings to not look like a cub scout hacked on them with a...
  19. Alaskajohn

    Suggestions requested on how to best inventory food preps

    I’ve been on a kick of late and have been compiling detailed inventories of my preps, and I want to create an inventory of my food. My inventories go on an excel spreadsheet so I can conveniently sort and adjust. I don’t necessarily want to overthink this, but food has some unique aspects that...