Berkey water filter class action lawsuit!

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Apr 17, 2020
Just seen a video about Berkey water filters being in a class action lawsuit. Anyone else here has any info? The only other prepper forum that had any info was survivalist boards. However the lawsuit is coming out of California where they banned Berkey filters. Something to do with lead in the water. So what's the 411?
Basically, One World Filter, which makes humanitarian water filter kits for people in third world countries, contracted Berkey to produce filters for them.
They are claiming fraud (for failing certification) and breach of contract (for failing to meet production requirements).
I think they finally got to Berkey.
Liquidation sale.
They are a distributor for Berkey filters, they don't make them. New Millennium Concepts (NMCL) is the company that makes Berkey filters. Obviously having your distributor shut down is not good for business, but as far as I know NMCL is still going to be around.