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Hope he comes around soon!

A side question... have you ever seen a moon blind horse? I only saw it once. A guy i knew showed up at my house with a nice horse. Said it had scratched an eye on something. He had some story... kid couldn't keep the horse or.. I decided to keep the horse a few days, could return it to him if there was a problem.

The eye didn't get better, couldn't get the guy on the phone. So I loaded up the horse, hauled him to the only big animal vet 50miles away (it was a very nice horse). Vet said it had moon blindness in one eye. Learned it usually spreads to the other eye and the horse will be completely blind.

The guy had been dodging my phone calls already... it continued. Dead give away he was just trying to stick me with a soon to be blind horse. He was a cop, i knew which shift he worked. So i waited few days til he was at work, hauled it over then turned it loose in his pasture. Never heard from him again...
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Buddy is making good improvement!! He's using the bad leg a little more. Still heat in his stifle area, but he's not touchy about it!! He got a good brushing yesterday, and will again today. He's really starting to shed!! The few days before he wasn't wanting to be brushed much so I know he's feeling better, he is back to wanting attention!!
Buddy was holding up his left front hoof. Went to examine the issue, he may have gotten snake bit again!! He and Baby Cakes the cat got bit last fall around the same time I did!! I made a paste out of horse aspirin and stuffed it into a half of a banana. He ate it but made faces! Hubby mowed his pasture today so he might have stirred up a snake! Updates later!! He is moving around on it, grazing!
Give Buddy a gun.

Hey, you never stuff me with Bananas and Ice cream. Whipped Cream, chocolate Syrup, chopped nuts,

HACKED, I have Cold, :p

I have no recollection of this event.
Ok, got a good look!! One hole in his leg above the fetlock, it's hot to the touch. He is feverish! He's eating some more horse aspirin in grain right now! Also is having Trimeth/Sulpha tablets leftover from last year's snakebite!! Put hay close to his barn, he can have an easy night!! I can only think snakebite, one fang or the other fang Mark is not visible??!!
@Pearl Do you have Sida? Grows in pastures all over the south, my horses would nibble on it from time, so do cows. Safe for equines.

Anyway, it's a hemotoxin blocker and an antibiotic. Zanne posted a picture of sida today...

@Pearl Do you have Sida? Grows in pastures all over the south, my horses would nibble on it from time, so do cows. Safe for equines.

Anyway, it's a hemotoxin blocker and an antibiotic. Zanne posted a picture of sida today...

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You mentioned that when I got bitten! Probably in the neighbor's pasture! If I find can I just feed it to him??
Donkey's are picky... i'd strip off the leaves and chop them up some, scissors are fine. Then mix it in his favorite sweet feed. I've seen cows and horses eat it many times. Heck, I like it! Not kidding, it tastes decent. Sida is 20% protein, depending on soil. It's antiviral and antibiotic, a very powerful antibiotic. Tested effective against staff, even Mrsa.
Another plant that'd help... do you have eastern red cedar? aka Juniperus virginiana? Break off some of the green fronds, lay them in a trough where he can nibble as he needs too. I put them in a water trough sometimes. Cedar is amazing, it's like a whole body tonic for people, most livestock, even chickens.

It's another plant i've seen livestock nibble, low hanging branches in a pasture etc. I drop the blue berries in water troughs, purposely built my chicken pen next to a cedar.

The blue berries appear white, the white powder is yeast. Can be used for baking bread but... might have to try several different trees to get a good strain of yeast. Someone i know tried 6 or 7 trees before getting a good one.

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He had a quick recovery! You’re a great vet tech @Pearl
What is your property like? Is it covered by grass or do you have a lot of sparse areas? I wish you had king snakes!!
Buddy is so important he gets his own thread here. ❤️
Grass!! Hubby calls it our five acre golf course, mow mow mow!! 😃