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I got an email titled "Yesterday's Forum Activity" on Sunday. So I imagine all members got one. This probably spurred some members to sign on again after being inactive for years.

It did for me.
crap,it's been raining all day and "finding a dry small bush" for this royal highness to take a dump is proving difficult, don't ask me why,but that pooch always do it an a small bush,do I need to take a sponge with me and dry it,sigh? 🤔🤔🤔
Is it only me or is this site running slow today?
Is this the new Shout Box?
Anyway, we had rain and snow yesterday. Today is windy, cold and cloudy.
NO, there is a Shout Box on the home page at the top of the page. If you are coming in directly to a different page, click on the DPF image at the top to go to the home page. Shoutbox is right there at the top.
It is running slow. I was talking about more new viruses spreading in the world, Corona, Ebola, new h1ni like virus, communism, BLM virus. Etc...

My mistake OR as Lilly Thompkin says -- Laugh In --- "Never Mind"..

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