China an immediate threat?

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Apr 22, 2022
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This Mike Adams interview with Newstalk broadcaster John Moore is quite alarming to me. In the past, we could rely on our military to defend the country from invasion. Now.............given the current political, economical and social circumstances, and a President in bed with the Chinese, we're on our own, folks. And the conclusions at the end of the interview, were not optimistic. It won't be pretty if it plays out like they fear and it may last a very long time.
94% of Chinese population lives along the Pacific Ocean coastline, A single B1 or a single submarine could wipe out the entire area within a few minutes. If and when they do anything, the world will know about it...IF AMERICA can and will, does want to survive or has not been sold out...JMHO.
94% of Chinese population lives along the Pacific Ocean coastline, A single B1 or a single submarine could wipe out the entire area within a few minutes. If and when they do anything, the world will know about it...IF AMERICA can and will, does want to survive or has not been sold out...JMHO.

I think Joe will surrender us to China and not put up a fight at all, personally.
We have already surrendered to China. When we sent our good manufacturing jobs to China in return for low, no pride, garbage, that was a form of surrender. China knows they are no match for us in military terms. So they are more deceptive. How many companies that used to be part of the bedrock of our economy have sold out to the enemy and those goods that were manufactured here are now manufactured there. As Sun Tsu said, "The best victory is the one you won without fighting."
Agree on the surrenderi of our jobs. No question about it. The government joined up with big business and decided to make it easy for big business to ship jobs overseas.

HOWEVER, that Is a far cry from surrendering every single American…and illegal here, to be murdered by the CCP!

Lets be clear on this…the CCP has had plans for years now to takeover our country. This is not a conspiracy!!! And those plans include killing every single one of us!!! :m4:
Question to everyone. Who thinks the military will go along with biden surrendering our country to China?
In the past, under ordinary circumstances, no, I don't believe our military would ever go along with such a surrender. But these are anything but ordinary circumstances and these people are now cornered rats, psyschopaths IMHO. Those that want to bring this country down, destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights, have embedded so many operatives at the highest levels of the armed services and all Federal agencies, I'm no longer as confident of what the forces will do when push comes to shove. A whole lot of them did take the vaccines when ordered to do so. So who knows what they will do if told to stand down?
the problem is that Biden isn't in charge - there's some committee vote involved - as with Afghanistan somebody got a bug up their butt and suddenly the Marines have 72 hours to leave time ....

China won't be attacking the US direct - it'll be up to the US to support the mutual defense treaty obligations it made - good chance it'll involve Japan - possibly later South Korea and the US 38th Parallel defense >>> given wiggle room to squirm - I wouldn't be betting the farm on the Biden Central Committee ....

unless there's some actual military still in command and not all Obammy & Biden lap dogs - I wouldn't discount another major disaster start to a war - bases wiped out and ships sunk waiting for DC to wake up .....
China's insane infrastructure spending since 2008 is coming home to roost. They built dozens of entire cities with nobody to live in them to keep their economy going.

China tells state banks to prepare for a massive dollar dump and yuan buying spree as Beijing's prior interventions have failed to stem its currency's worst year since 1994​

They have people to live in them and that have bought apartments in the buildings and are paying mortgages on them. But for one reason or another, the buildings are never finished even though the people have to keep paying the mortgages on on them.
Now people are beginning to refuse to pay their mortgages and some are even moving into the unfinished buildings.
Now they are blowing the ghost cities up...why?

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Keep an eye out for talk about the "White Hair Rebellion" or "White Hair Protests" in China.
It hasn't made it to our news media yet. Retirees got shafted by the government in China and they are staging massive protests all over the country. My wife thinks it could bring down the CCP.
I hope they're careful.
China is just a paper tiger. Yes they have men and equipment but of very low quality of both. China looks impressive on paper but that's as far as it goes.
Let's check the score board.

China backed N. Korea, which defeated the US pushing us out of N. Korea after killing some 60,000 Americans and wounding a lot more in about 3 years in the 1960s.

China backed N. Vietnam for a decade in which N. Vietnam survived the largest bombing campaign in history, killed some 60,000 US GIs, probably wounded 10x as many, and pushed America out in humiliating defeat after a decade of waste in Vietnam.

China's population is 4x that of Americas. China's tech industry rivals the US. China's manufacturing is superior to the US. China's has 2-3x as many fighting forces. Our military might is roughly similar as far as Navy, Air Power, Artillery, etc. We both have enough nukes to eliminate each other.

US is 0-5 in 70 years of war fighting against inferior opponents.
This has caused significant morale problems, a broken ineffective fighting force. Want some examples? Read the news. The US has been unable to make recruitment target numbers for years, and we've continued to lower standards while focusing on "equality" nonsense versus war fighting. Look at that Navy ship that burned in harbor, from a small arson fire. Is that the poster child of competency? Our airspace was infiltrated where a Chinese balloon loitered for a week over the CONUS. More "competency" on display? I could go on.

We lost to illiterate rag tag sandal wearing gangs who had no navy, no air power, no satellites, no intelligence gathering, no manufacturing, no bases, and no real supply chains, no infrastructure, no economic strength, etc. who were using home made bombs and hand me down Mausers and AKs. In two wars...

China's economy is far stronger than the US. The US is basically teetering at default, and being decoupled as the global petro-currency. It's the end of the run for the dollar, the writing is on the wall. There are many nations joining together to form alternate trading currencies - digital, gold backed, or otherwise - b/c of the US abuses in manipulating the dollar, printing more currency, defaulting on loans, and seizing accounts. MUCH of the world is slowly aligning against the US and our corruption. China, India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Russia, Iran and more. This is not good, we are being isolated, rather quickly. NATO is losing power and ground too, without energy or food from Ukraine or Russia.

Most importantly, however, is our civilian and higher military leadership. They have generally proven to be corrupt, inept, conflicted interests, or a combination of these. The end result is that while our military members might be capable, their leadership is proven incapable of winning.

China has flooded our universities, our cities, flooded our streets with fentanyl, and probably has splinter cells in every city ready to strike our infrastructure. They've infiltrated our politics, literally sleeping with officials. Cripple grids, water, energy, political assassinations, you name it. Also, the US relies heavily on imports. Do you know up until recently our military jets used Chinese components?!

Do you think China is going to have "woke" policies, unwillingness to use real power to defeat enemies, inept leadership persisting? Open borders? Unable to extinguish a boat fire in harbor, or shoot down a balloon? No.

I truly do not understand where this "US will win" mentality comes from. Is it brainwashing bias propaganda? We have not demonstrated the leadership ability to win any war in 70 years. And China has defeated us twice in proxy wars...

Take the pro-US blinders off. China would curb stomp the US today. They're going to do what they want in the SE Asia, and blow our ships out of the water whilst attacking our mainland with terrorist strikes and cripple the US.
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I guess losing in N. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon Ukraine isn't enough losing for some folks who think we're doing to "defeat" the largest nation in the world with darn close to equal military power and superior economy.

Folks, if you honestly think the US is somehow going to "win" a war with a superpower like China, or Russia, you are just living in delusion.

Again, we failed to be competent enough to extinguish a fire on a docked Navy battle ship. Our airspace was just infiltrated by WWI technology hot air balloon for a week. Seriously, some folks need to wake up.
There is apparently truth that China's population is aging, and they do rely on selling products to the world, and they have poor farmland.

Yet most 1st world nations suffer from similar aging populations, reliance on global trade.

Win or lose, a tangle with China would almost certainly destroy the US as well. Economically, our grid and cyber systems, and we'd take extremely heavy casualties.