Desperado, movies made for TV 5 part series from 1987 to 1989.

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Jan 9, 2021
Southern Utah
Desperado, 1987
The Return Of Desperado, 1988
Desperado. Avalanche At Devils Ridge, 1988
Badlands Justice, 1989
The Outlaw Wars, 1989

Many, many years ago I saw The Return Of Desperado on TV, it was a rerun at that point, but I never saw the others. For some reason the second one was on TV a few times over the years but never the others, at least what I was able to find by luck. Heck, I didn't even know there were others until about 15 years ago when one of the cable channels listed three movies scheduled over the next few days. I scheduled the box to record all three but the insignificant other had scheduled something else too and it only recorded part of the second movie. I was less than happy. Over the years I have tried many times to buy the movies but they are not available.
Heck, looking again just now I learned this was a 5 part movie series, not just 3 movies.

I finally noticed The Return Of Desperado on YouTube just scrolling through movie options. A quick search found the first 3 movies available, but they were uploaded in poor quality, probably from VHS and most likely from VHS recordings of TV broadcasts.

If anyone is interested I just watched the first movie, Desperado, and it was a very good movie, although slow at times. I know the second movie, The Return Of Desperado, is also a very good movie, maybe even better than the first and it moves along better as well. I will soon watch the second and third movies, over the net few days.
I, so far, am unable to find the last two movies.