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Ever thought of living in the Black Hills of South Dakota?

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New Friend
May 16, 2022
How would you and/or your family like an opportunity to live on a large working ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Including use of 40 acres of pasture, a large garden area, a really nice root cellar, lots of apple trees, and a 3 bedroom, 1,280 square foot really nice mhome, or a larger very old home in need of repair. In exchange for either or, some the following - Cooking, cleaning, maintaining machinery, ranch help or other. I would even build a greenhouse in exchange for organic garden produce. Let’s talk. Leave a message and a phone number for me at 605 833 2000 and I will call you back. And or look me up first on Amazon under books type in Gary Friendshuh, click on any book, then click on follow the author, then click on my name.

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