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My Wife found me a cd at a local book store . I had this on vinyl in the early 80's . But this has added content . Demo versions and extra songs . I started playing it aba month ago and haven't taken it out since .
Yes and another Ruger a Sr22 . Good hiking pistol and I often keep it in my back and forth to work car along with a Get Home Bag .
What is it, like 8:30 there?? How old are you?? Main question....what are you wearing??๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ’…
goes to bed with the chickens and probably a granny gown...wont even show the ankle !!...lol..oh i missed nail polish emoji
As we all will be,,,, may GOD help us all to find HIM and be worthy!!!

Night Snowman my friend. fly into the Heavens and come back with a new memory..
GoodNight Me Brother, I Hope You and Yours All Have A Blessed and Safe Night, Waking Up 2 a Better Day in the Morning...!!!
Our roof is now fixed, and new shingles, too. Where the tree branch hit it in the storm. And he wouldn't charge us at all. He said he went to the hardware to get some shingles to match it, and someone in our community was there and had just redone his roof, and had the same shingles and some left over, so he gave him some for us. Then didn't charge us for labor because he thought it was nice I was a driver for the amish school. He's the son in law to one of my cousins. This community is good.
I was looking at this old disk mower yesterdayโ€ฆ wondering if there was any parts I could use, the frame, something. The mower itself is toast, first pic. Thinking I might as well sell it for scrap. Anyone know the current price?

It was a good mower, old and worn but usable, until inside hub came apart while I was cutting hay. Itโ€™s blades came off and tilted into the second disk, itโ€™s blades went flyingโ€ฆ then into the 3rd disk. It was literally like a grenade going off. Pieces of steel blades flying in every direction. One went through the fender of the tractor.

I did get hit but was very lucky. The piece of blade must have hit 2 or 3 other things before hitting me in the back and it landed flat too! Not on an edge. Had a bruise, nothing serious. I get up to the shop the next morning and dad was trying to fix the old mower!!! Nope! I wasn't about to run that mower again, too much damage. It was time for a new mower! I drove 100miles and bought one that day! This old one is still sitting where I dropped about 15yrs ago. Kept thinking Iโ€™d use a part off it but never have.

The second pic is a stock photoโ€ฆ I drew an arrow pointing at a hub thatโ€™s missing in the first pic. That hub is what failed...

Disk mower 001.jpgDisk mower 002.jpg

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