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Great deal on CCI Christmas promo .22lr

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Nov 27, 2017
Rural NW Oklahoma
I just got back from the local Atwoods farm & ranch supply. I received an email from them last night with a number of Christmas sale items on it that are good only on in-store purchases and is good only through Sunday. The one that was a bit hard to see was 300 round CCI .22lr, in Christmas motif boxes, for $19.99. 1/2 the bullets are coated red and 1/2 coated green. $19.99 is not bad in itself but this special is even better. It is a BOGO FREE AMMO BRO special. I GOT 3,000 ROUNDS FOR $109 OUT THE DOOR. I am happy. I'm glad I drove into town early and was waiting on them when they opened because they only got 4 cases for the store and they sold 2-1/2 yesterday. I bought one sealed case of 10 boxes. I left the 5 individual boxes so someone else could buy them. I was in the Christmas Spirit....
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