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Dec 19, 2017
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I generally don't go too fancy. But for my friend's Bowie I felt an obligation to do it up right. Leather stitching is for show. The real stitching is Kevlar. I used the thickest cowhide I could find on the web. Besides the tie down strap, I later added a gunslinger style leather thong that loops over the small end of the coffin handle.

Here is the story behind the Bowie:
Back in the 1970's I was making knives. When Browning quit making the Sweet Sixteen, I immediately ran to the gunshop and put one on layaway because I didn't have enough cash to pay in full for it. I was slowly paying it off, but my friend said he would pay it off for me if I made him a Bowie.
He wanted a REAL Bowie, 18" long with brass backstrap on the blade and shaving sharp false edge.
Not long after that my knife making equipment was stolen. And I had a change in employment which kept me too busy to start over again with the knife making (which is VERY time consuming)
So the Bowie never got made...until...
After I retired, I decided to take up knifemaking again. And of course that obligation for my friend's Bowie weighed heavily on my mind, so that was my first knife.
By then he was living in Oklahoma and I was living in Georgia. One day out of the blue he got an email with this picture:


He knew what it meant!

That knife took me FOREVER to make. D2 is notoriously difficult to work with on large blades. I don't know how many sanding belts I went through. I had to keep ordering premium belts online because the ones I could buy locally didn't last any time. So I can confidently say I AIN'T DOIN' THAT AGAIN!

I used up the rest of that bar of D2 and have been using easier steels to work with. And smaller knives.
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