Need advice I'm 16 and want to start prepping for an imminent terror attack that will lead to chaos.

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I need any advice. I live in a dense urban area and need any advice on things I can do to prep for it.
I think everyone should have a good water filter. I will even go further and say we all should only be drinking filtered water even now. If any emergency happens it will be even more important then. As far as everything else goes, enjoy school, chase some girls, maybe join boy scouts or some club that gets you outside and teaches some skills. At this stage in your life learning is probably the best thing you can do.
What Brent said. Safe drinking water is the single most important thing that you need for survival. Next learn as many hands on skills that you can. Look for a way out if something serious happens in your area.
And finially, enjoy your life. Don't dwell too much on all the negitve crap that's being broadcast 24/7 on TV. Be aware of what's going on, just don't get paranoid or depressed over it.
Warm Welcome from the Arizona valley folks. :USA:

What are the three things needed to survive --- Water --- Food --- Shelter. Get the water filter, low cost investment (even for a teen, about two dates with a Lady friend). Food, buy a can of food instead of a fun snack , store the food (canned beef vs. chips). Shelter, practice making an off the grid type shelters, read about them, watch video's about them and then built a few. Watch the news but don't let the news cause you to worry. You can't change current events, so just watch and prepare. Nothing hard or difficult about prepping and can even be fun. Knowledge beats things every time. You will not know what items you will have on hand when the SHTF but you will always have your knowledge on hand.
a store of food is a wise precaution, canned is probably best but a large store is probably not possible in your situation.
but skills and knowledge will feed you and keep you alive long after any food stores have been used up so concentrate on those for the time being.
First off I have to find out the age, is it 16 or 26 . Profile said 26 thread asking as a 16 yr old. Now is that Melbourne like in down under or like FLA.
what others said.pluss.get a map and decide where you NEED to go to be safe in a bad and dangerous situation. then use the map to plan several routes to that location. plan routes where you can change your route to a different one on a moments notice.