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Federal Reserve tells employees to avoid 'biased terms' like 'Founding Fathers'

The Federal Reserve has instructed employees to adopt "bias-free language" and avoid using biased terms like "Founding Fathers," according to an internal webpage obtained by Fox News.

The Federal Reserve's Board of Governors issued the guidance for all employees nationwide on April 29, a former Fed staffer with knowledge of the matter told Fox News.

Federal Reserve tells employees to avoid 'biased terms' like 'Founding Fathers' | Fox News?__twitter_impression=true
That's exactly how you deny the history of a country, that's exactly how it begins its downfall. Here is that already far advanced, if one says here publicly that the founders of this country have fought for our freedom and our rights and one should always be aware of your commitment one has already a problem. One is then very quickly branded as a right-wing extremist, but one is already a right-wing extremist if one does not agree with the Corona measures of the government.
What the Federal Reserve does that others will also do, that is 100% planned. You bad mouth your ancestors first, then your history, after a few years many are so far that you are ashamed of something where there is nothing to be ashamed of.

It is the dismantling of whole nations, take away a nation's heroes and history and the whole people will be a will-less slave hanging on the chain of the powerful.

From the guest Martin Armstrong (Economist, Analyst):

“Our computers programs has been showing the civil unrest will go off the charts. It doesn’t matter who wins.”

”If a state cannot defend itself, then why be part of a Union?”

“A civilization succeeds when everybody benefits. We are heading to a Dictatorship. The United States won’t exist after 2032”

“Humanity responds the same to similar events, always. It’s now a contagion worldwide. We are looking at the fall of the republics.”

To the question, will we have a chance to reform and rebuild? “A revolt (against the tyrants) is opportunity, our Light at the end of the tunnel.”


He thinks our country will divide no matter what, because we have been so divided.

I have been saying this for ten years. Unfortunately, simply arresting the WEFers is not enough. They have indoctrinated at least a third of the sheople. A civil war HAS TO happen. Armageddon is very near.

The one thing that could keep casualties to a minimum is to put fences around the big dem cities and keep them all in their cesspools where they are happy. There are 3142 counties in America and only about 60 of them are democrat.
Hells bells, we can't even manage to arrest the evil bastards! They blatantly do what they want at this point. Why??? Because they have no fear of far as they are concerned...they Got This! Either way election turns out (if it happens)....they have a plan....and that plan is to destroy....if hell freezes over ....Which it's going to.....eventually!

Time to Gooooo!
“Laura Loomer announces plans to take down all sponsors of HIAS, a Jewish open borders organization funding the U.S. invasion


Conservative activist Laura Loomer is promising to take down a Jewish-run non-governmental organization (NGO) called HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) that she says is funding the illegal alien invasion of the United States.

According to Loomer, HIAS is sponsoring illegal aliens by procuring them with detailed maps showing them how to enter the country illicitly. Once inside, the illegals are being hired by Uber, DoorDash and other migrant-supporting companies.

We now know that Jose Antonio Ibarra, the suspect who murdered nursing student Laken Riley, is an illegal alien from Venezuela who entered the U.S. illegally via El Paso, Tex., in September 2022. Once inside the U.S., Ibarra started driving for both Uber Eats and DoorDash.

After seeing firsthand what HIAS has been doing in the Darien Gap of Panama for the past several years, followed by the news of Riley's death, Loomer decided it was time to take action.

"After witnessing HIAS's treasonous behavior in the Darien Gap in Panama, and after hearing the news [of] Laken Riley while I was in Panama witnessing thousands of Venezuelan illegals just like her killer tell me how they plan to cross into the U.S. illegally, I immediately looked at HIAS's financials and discovered that UBER is a corporate sponsor for HIAS," Loomer tweeted.

Check out the corporate sponsors of HIAS​

It is highly likely that Ibarra passed through the Darien Gap and was aided by HIAS and later Uber and DoorDash to get established in the U.S. From there, Ibarra proceeded to kidnap and murder Riley, compliments of HIAS and Uber.

These are major corporations that all need to get the Bud Light treatment for their sponsorship of HIAS," Loomer says.

"Many people would argue that HIAS is engaged in HUMAN TRAFFICKING with the way they are assisting the illegals to get to the U.S. from the migrant camps in Panama! I have it all on video!"
Expect more of this...
just saying! Primary reason for welcoming them here to begin with....🖕 Get used to it, til enough get tired of this BS to stop it! 😬 Not holding breath..

BUT don't forget to vote Trump come November! Assuming you have your BOLs or homesteads well supplied! 👍
Don't be sad danil...All will be good in the end. Just because us humans aren't likely gonna stop the destruction, (possible, we can delay things), but have faith God will intervene, when God decides is right time, which we cannot know...otherwise, MAN will completely destroy us all. We have capability to do that (don't ya know). Evil WILL ultimately lose! Hang tight! They will NOT prevail.
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