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Found these two odd photo's, not sure where else to put them...

b sled.jpeg
b zip.jpeg
@Flight Love the trusses. I'm fascinated by the style and construction. Looks similar to gable style but with a flat top. I hope you post more pics of how it looks when the roof goes on. Would love more angles of the trusses too.

Mom has been bruising up from the IVs and having blood drawn. One IV blew out and it took them 5 tries to get the next one in. Putting it under spoiler tags for people who get squicked out by stuff like this.
They moved the O2 monitor to Mom's earlobe because it was hurting her finger and getting in the way.

I have garage envy of this place I keep passing on the way to Eunice. It's in Mamou.
My new Polaris Expedition Northstar edition for taking my dog on the trails. I had a Honda Pioneer and had to fight the spiders in the summer and freeze half to death in the winter. This thing has power windows and heat and air! My favorite UTV so far; however it's kinda feels like riding around in the woods in a car which takes the fun out of it when I'm not taking my dog for a run.


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This car in the hospital parking lot had Xmas spirit with antlers and a red nose

A nearby car still had Halloween vibes

I also wanted to note that whoever owns the house with the garage that makes me envious owns a frickin' helicopter!! It was parked out front when I drove by today but I couldn't stop to get a pic.
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Crouching Rhodesian Ridgeback! Rhodesian Ridgebacks can be kind and gently, but then they can go into protection or hunting mode. The head on this one looks like Crosby, the body not so much. Because of all of her health issues, she was a small girl.
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And fastest running backwards.
Our old dog was RR.