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Jul 3, 2022
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I don't have any - just I see most threads discussing prepping for humans, and I'm just wondering what people do for their livestock; though I appreciate its difficult/ more expensive, and may not keep.
I don't mean pets here, larger animals.
In our area, people try to limit what they have by what they can grow to feed them. If they exceed it, they look for pasture to borrow or rent to save money on buying feed. We have a horse and pregnant cow on our property in one section. The other pasture area has a dz cows on it. These are our neighbor's animals. Another neighbor has two of his cows on his area. We barter help/food for this and other stuff.
Neighbor's free range chickens were over the other day, eating some guinea feed I had out, and lining up to take their turn to lay an egg in the manger area in a barn of ours. Cracked me up.

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