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Time traveler
HCL Supporter
Dec 3, 2017
Doe's anyone have any knowledge abut QORTAL or a similar product? I understand it to be a decentralized block chain communication program that will still allow communication if the government shuts down the internet.
"The concept behind Bitcoin’s original whitepaper was to have users mine coin on their home computers as incentive for supporting the network. Over time, as developers took over the direction of Bitcoin, this innovative concept for decentralization was corrupted by the development of mining software and expensive hardware specifically designed to mine BTC.

This led to the centralization of power on the Bitcoin network, allowing those who have enough money to buy massive amounts of ASIC machines, to control consensus and earn most the rewards. Now the future of the network was in their hands. (MOST other projects in the ‘crypto space’ are allowed to be influenced by ‘money’ or ‘resources’. Proof of Stake AND Proof of Work are both influenced directly in this fashion.)"...!!?
Okay, it is a decentralized communication. If you send me an email, how does someone profit off of that? Bitcoin has value and mining programs can buy cheap and sell high.

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