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Awesome Friend
HCL Supporter
Dec 24, 2017

Sounds so good....will not grow here, but I love it

Preparing Your Rhubarb
Start by harvesting firm, ripe rhubarb stalks without blemishes. Clean thoroughly.

After cleaned, cut pieces 4-5 inches long, and then start slicing.

My pieces were average thickness, and I made 4-5 slices out of each piece.

Preparing Your Candy Coating
In a large pot, mix equal amounts of sugar and water. You’ll need just enough to coat your rhubarb. Provide enough heat to dissolve the sugar and then let it start cooling.

I used 2 cups sugar and 2 cups water. Only half the rhubarb fit in at a time, but I turned it over and mixed it thoroughly.

I don’t know that it matters how cool you let your coating get, but I usually let it cool while I finish slicing the rhubarb.

Coating Your Rhubarb Candy
Once your sugar is dissolved and your rhubarb is ready, put it in there, stir it really good and get all the rhubarb coated. Pull out each piece and lay it in your dehydrator.

Your rhubarb will need to be evenly spaced and not touching.

Finishing It Off
Turn your dehydrator on to the vegetable setting, and dry until half the size and thin. Mine took 4 hours.

If you want, pull it off as soon as it’s done and twist it around your fingers to make it curly. I’m not that patient. I let mine set in the dehydrator and cool down for a couple hours before pulling it off.

Store your rhubarb candy in canning bottles (see how I seal mine here), or in baggies. I’ve never had this last more than about two weeks, so I’m not sure what the longevity would be beyond that.


Awesome Friend
Mar 5, 2019
@GrannyG Hubby loves rhubarb and ours up the mountain is gorgeous. I might have to treat him to some. Thank you. Also - great blog! I will have to nose around more when it's not bed time.

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