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Mar 16, 2024
This is a story of two (and a few more) Silky chicks. It's a true story. I have a friend that raises silky chickens. Her little rooster Willie was supposed to be the head rooster of the chicken yard, but he only had eyes for one hen: Piper. He ignored the other hens. So Ralphy had to step up and be the lead rooster. Ralphy challenged Willie, but it wasn't much of a battle because Willie was smitten and just wanted to be with Piper. Now Ralphie is the boss rooster - and all Willie has to do is protect Piper from Ralphy's advances. Ralphy is happy to take care of all the girls.

I am not sure why, but Piper spends a lot of her time indoors. She has a cage, wears a diaper, and sits on the arm of the couch and watches tv with the young couple that own her. I'm sure there is a story there too but I've forgotten it.

These Silkies have a regular soap opera existence going on.
I've read that chickens can recognize their own name and perhaps the names of their friends. I had a pet chicken once named Judy.
I have known a few chicken ladies.
There is a form for people who keep rabbits like house cats.
I was raised on a form, every one worked, no free rides.
Dogs & cats had it easy, no one eat them, them hunted & warned of trespasser, hung out when not working. Every other animal/human worked on the farm. Cows gave milk, donkey plowed the field, horses were ridden, bees honey & pollination, chicken gave chicks,eggs & meat. pigs gave bacon. Earth gave garden & orchard.
Never had any animals in the house, ell a cat sometimes, never a dog.
Dogs slept under the farmhouse or in the barn.
When I was a wee lad back in Up-State New York, I had a Bantam Rooster named Charlie and did He ever know His name...!!! I would put corn on Me belly while on a chaise lounge and call Him and Up He would Jump and sometimes fly onto Me to get that corn...!! He wouldn't allow the gals up there with Him but let Them catch the Fall-over on the ground...! Never did I get scratched...!
Jen, your story was well written, I could see it, as if I was watching it unfold before me. Good Job.