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Stretching wire mesh fence: attaching to smooth steel posts

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Bridget Quinn

New Friend
Jun 26, 2019
Sandy, OR
Hi all, I’m hoping someone can answer these questions as I have some friends coming over this weekend to help me stretch my fence.

We used 2 1/2” round steel posts for corners, ends, and then also every five T posts has a steel smooth post. The guy at the farm supply store sold me a bunch of 10 gauge wire to attach it to the smooth posts, but I am not sure on how to wrap the wire. Has anyone done this? I plan to undo the square knots at each terminal post so I have enough horizontal strands to wrap around the end posts and gate posts, but it’s the line posts I am curious about (the ones that are every other T post).

I have also read conflicting opinions about whether or not to lean the mesh against the posts and loosely attach with baling string - this sounds like a good idea because it will avoid wrestling with the mesh to keep it upright during stretching. However I wonder how much the mesh actually stretches and how loose those strings need to be so the fence can stretch. Using 50” no climb horse fence.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Time traveler
HCL Supporter
Dec 3, 2017
Whe I did chain link fence I set the posts first then attached the link to one corner and ran it past the last post on one side. I put one of the spare bars in close to where the far post is, hook up a rope with lots of slack near the top and near the bottom. then I attach a come-along and stretch it tight, slip in a permanent bar and secure the far corner. Middle posts and to rails are secured as per the video depending on the wire setup you are using.

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