Survivalist soup realtime experiment!

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Dec 13, 2017
Somewhere over here to the south.
OK, we have so far a hearty broth of onion tops (wild) shredded carrot and a package of dehydrated ramen vegetables
and then thickened with potato flakes and a bit of powdered dairy creamer for flavor. So far, so good. at this point I should stop, this would be the bomb after a day hunting.

Adding a can of chopped chicken and broth, a bit of rice, Italian seasonings, black pepper. Now its moved from lunch to dinner fare, some celery
would be nice. the broth by itself is great to sop bread in!

Adding two tablespoons of dehydrated butter for extra fat content. not bad, needs a bit more creamer now. and a bit of dried dock leaves.
OK, not as good anymore, a tad bitter, still quite edible however.

OK, using a day old corn fritter as a sop, its actually pretty good, kind of like a hush puppy.

Good enough, its lunch time!


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Dec 3, 2017
I would use cream instead of the creamer, but I always have that in my fridge. I gave up the creamer a couple decades ago. A little garlic chopped up fine, or garlic powder, some tumeric or Lowry's seasoning. Maybe you are using the seasoning packet from the ramen?

I was reading about someone keeping a "soup bag" in her freezer where she keeps odds and ends leftover from other meals and cooking for soup. She makes something she calls, "garbage soup." It seemed she mostly has vegetables in the bag, but I did see that she had some noodles.

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