The Complete Guide to Saving Seeds

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Dec 16, 2017
By Robert Gouch and Cheryl Moore-Gouch. This book covers 322 species of vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits, trees and shrubs. It’s a very handy reference guide full of all sorts of tips and tricks. I’ve used it every year since I bought it. I'm sure it’s already paid for itself.

The chapters of the book are…

Chapter 1 Seed Biology
Chapter 2 Growing plants for seeds
Chapter 3 Harvesting and Cleaning seeds
Chapter 4 Seed Storage Know How
Chapter 5 All About Germination
Chapter 6 Sowing Seeds and Raising Transplants
Chapter 7 Breeding your own Varieties
Chapter 8 Saving Vegetable Seeds
Chapter 9 Saving Herb Seeds
Chapter 10 Saving Flower Seeds
Chapter 11 Advanced Seed Saving

The book is large with 311 pages. Lots of good information.

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