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Walmart Is Dumping Ammo at Fire-Sale Prices

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Nov 26, 2017
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Walmart Really Is Dumping Ammo at Fire-Sale Prices
by John Boch |

Dec 12, 2019 |

Photo by John Boch.

Yesterday, that evil Travis Pike posted a deal alert. Walmart, he wrote, is dumping their handgun and evil black rifle ammo nationally at fire-sale prices. It sounded almost too good to be true. 500 rounds of 9mm for $45? Defensive ammo for $5 per box?

Well folks, it’s true.

When was the last time you saw .38 Special for $11 per 100-round box? Or Federal .223 ammo for $150/1000?

Image by John Boch.

Yeah, it’s been a long time for me as well. Probably about thirty years. And regrettably it probably won’t happen again in my lifetime.

Here in the middle of flyover country, I almost felt badly buying .38 Special +P defensive ammo for $9 per box of 50 rounds. Ditto for .357 hollowpoints.

photo by John Boch

Premium defensive ammo was priced at $7 or $9 per (small) box. 100-round boxes of .40 S&W ball ammo cost a princely $13 – aluminum or brass cased, your choice. I don’t have any fo-tays, but I know someone who does who will really appreciate a nice Christmas gift.

Yes, Walmart sold us out by publicly announcing that they would stop selling handgun and police patrol-type rifle ammo. At one point, Wally sold 20% or more of all ammo purchased in America.

However, I’ll make a foray to their ammo case for prices like these. You might do so as well. What’s more, if you can use this Quisling ammo to bring one or more new people into the world of shooting, it will prove a wonderful way to use Walmart’s virtue signaling against them.

Ditto for sharing a box or two of defense ammo with someone you care about. While it might not be the very best defense ammo available, it will no doubt leave an impression upon any bad guys on the receiving end of it.


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Nov 27, 2017
Everything good is gone at my local Wallyworld. No .223/5.56, no handgun ammo, no 7.62x39. I don't think there was any 54R there either. There was some .308 hunting ammo. Strangely there were about 30 boxes of .30/30 which is weird because we can't hunt deer with it in Iowa.

I got a couple hundred rounds of 7.62x39 before they ran out. Paid $9.40 per 40 rounds. Walmart isn't getting my ammo business any more, because they're not selling any ammo I use...

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