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Feb 28, 2024
In the Middle of the Middle of Nowhere...!!!
One will do what-ever it takes to get That Dad-burned Big One :

Guy Transforms His Chevy Truck Into A Shark Car​

Mar 27, 2024 — 2 min read

Something seems a little fishy about this one…​

There are land yachts and then there’s this Chevy truck transformed into a shark car. It looks kind of like those toys little kids play with, only it’s life-size and you can roll around town in it while people stare and literally get into crashes. It’s not everyday you see a 24-foot-long arrow boat joined to a truck, let alone a Chevy.


Thought about putting this in "Car Porn", but, This One Loves Fishing...!!! :cool:
I would Rather Have one of these :

Os incríveis Corvette Mako Shark I e II​



"The XP-755 concept car, also known as the Mako Shark, was designed by Larry Shinoda under the direction of General Motors Styling and Design head Bill Mitchell in 1961, as a concept for future Chevrolet Corvette production cars. In keeping with the name, the streamlining, pointed snout, and other detailing was partly inspired by the sleek, fast-moving shortfin mako shark."

Like the old bad joke goes something like....
One fisherman says to the other.... This morning my wife said if I went fishing one more weekend in a row she was going to leave..

I suppose I will eventually miss her...
My grandfather took me fishing when I was little, like 4-10 years old, sometimes my older brother too. That brother and I went fishing together too when we got older. My LH had fished when he was younger. We attempted when at the Outer Banks too but that was a hilarious fish tale # fail.
I really thought this was that kind of thread.
....Fish Tails.... One time many years ago I went fishing in a lake in the Black Hills of South Dakota.. There was an old guy there catching newly released trout from a hatchery.. They were just the right size to stack in a pint canning jar after cleaned.. So I helped him fill his bucket with fish..

He said he cold pack filled a pint jar with fish
1/2 t salt
2 T catsup
10 drops hot sauce
Fill the jar with peanut oil
Pressure can the recommended pressure and time for fish
Let sit 30 days in the cool, dark, dry basement..
Saying they come out like canned sardines, but with much more flavor..

I've always wanted to try this...
An age old question it seems...
There is never enough money in the family budget for a new fishing reel...
But the toilet gets a new carpet and rug 3-4 times a year..
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An age old question it seems...
There is never enough money in the family budget for a new fishing reel...
But the toilet gets a new carpet and run 3-4 times a year..
Only have 2 words to say
Hear these words of wisdom from a lifer with 30 years in
Think about them and volunteer to go to the store
"Cash back."
This morning about 1/2 hour before sun up

Same spot about 1/2 hour after sun up

I found a dog leg off the river that run for 100 yards then connected back
Someone has dammed up 5 small pools along that dog leg
It is fished out but I bet after a good rain
Here is the first pool


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