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Hi. Just noticed your post - and moniker. Had to look and see if your were from Goshen NH. Not that I know anybody there, I just like the sound of it. "I'm from Goshen" just has a ring to it.
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VThillman, nope. I was in Goshen OH when I started posting 10 years ago (before I realized I shouldn't include my location in my name). I kept it because I liked the sound of it and it no longer applies to my location, lol. :)
there should be a PM system on here... i may be willing to assist if u keep it anonymous
Looking for a way to send u a PM. just noticed the gofundme thread.
you wanting a link to it? or just inquiring about it?. i haven't learned the pm either.
If it is really a religion with these nudist colonies, they sure must turn atheists in the wintertime. ~Will Rogers
Buzz, email me whenever you see this message at forum1022@hotmail.com.
Let me know where we're moving too, this is not the place anymore "Chickens" ?
Support Gunner
Support Gunner
They merged the old forum (talkfirearms) to this forum, homesteading forum.

The person that runs this forum is one of the people that got talkfirearms up an running.
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Have farm in So IL. Orchard,garden,lake,woods,cabin. Illness requires transfer to new owner for free. tompod1818@gmail.com
Good morning Donna,
Well it's getting close to Christmas once again and I was wondering if you would like for me to take charge of the Secret Santa again this year. I would be more than happy to do it if you and the other Admins and Mods would like me to. Just let me know. Either way is good with me.
I thought you were supposed to be relaxing? LOL I hope you’re feeling well today. (((HUGS)))