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Hello! My name is Briana, I am currently residing in Arizona..but I hope to be moving somewhere cooler and greener very soon. I'm excited to explore this community and connect with like minded individuals. 🌻🌿❤
Hey Slade we been ask everybody , once they join , to do a formal introduction. A little bit about yourself.
Thanks for joining us.
Glad to have ya.

Go on over to introductions , tell the folks skittle about yourself and join in the chit chat.
How hard would it be to install a wood burning heater in my mobile home, it's 16 by 80. I have central which runs high in the winter, I'm on SS and would like to cut costs.
I have a friend that has a pellet stove in her trailer and it works great. I imagine a wood stove wouldn't be to much different.
ISO local w interests in 'homesteading':alternative architecture/energy...Located V center o NM/7mi E o Bernardo.(505)414-2267
We're both city folks. In 2018, bought a small property in Idaho: 1.5 acres with 2.5 shares of irrigation; and a 104-year-old house. Ever since then life has been ... interesting!
We have a small and slowly growing homestead on 24+ acres in Oswego County, NY, USA. I have autoimmune and genetic issues and hubby works full time so slow growth and planning for making labor most efficient are very important.
Hi. Just noticed your post - and moniker. Had to look and see if your were from Goshen NH. Not that I know anybody there, I just like the sound of it. "I'm from Goshen" just has a ring to it.
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VThillman, nope. I was in Goshen OH when I started posting 10 years ago (before I realized I shouldn't include my location in my name). I kept it because I liked the sound of it and it no longer applies to my location, lol. :)
If it is really a religion with these nudist colonies, they sure must turn atheists in the wintertime. ~Will Rogers