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I think I got the right one. civil war right? makes the guy who quoted me look dumb though.
I think I got the right one, makes the guy who quoted me look dumb though.
You still out there somewhere?
We haven't seen her in quite a while. Andi, how are you?
I’m here! Still in east Texas! Finally got the house built and moved in it. Life has been crazy busy but it’s hopefully slowing down now. How have y’all been? What have you two been up to?
ISO local w interests in 'homesteading':alternative architecture/energy...Located V center o NM/7mi E o Bernardo.(505)414-2267
We're both city folks. In 2018, bought a small property in Idaho: 1.5 acres with 2.5 shares of irrigation; and a 104-year-old house. Ever since then life has been ... interesting!
We have a small and slowly growing homestead on 24+ acres in Oswego County, NY, USA. I have autoimmune and genetic issues and hubby works full time so slow growth and planning for making labor most efficient are very important.
Hi. Just noticed your post - and moniker. Had to look and see if your were from Goshen NH. Not that I know anybody there, I just like the sound of it. "I'm from Goshen" just has a ring to it.
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VThillman, nope. I was in Goshen OH when I started posting 10 years ago (before I realized I shouldn't include my location in my name). I kept it because I liked the sound of it and it no longer applies to my location, lol. :)
If it is really a religion with these nudist colonies, they sure must turn atheists in the wintertime. ~Will Rogers
Let me know where we're moving too, this is not the place anymore "Chickens" ?
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Support Gunner
They merged the old forum (talkfirearms) to this forum, homesteading forum.

The person that runs this forum is one of the people that got talkfirearms up an running.