7 trees everyone should know

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Dec 4, 2017
Thanks for posting, ZoomZoom, I love info like this! I have a guidebook for identifying North American trees, but it doesn't really get into the usefulness of each tree species. :confused:
I have 4 of 7 getting ready to transplant to their forever homes.

Whenever a title says "everyone should know" I always add "well not everyone."
We have folks who live in the desert. I doubt any of those trees will be found.
What one should know are the flora and fauna in the area in which they live.
It's always good to know about the trees that are in the area where you live, many provide food, drinkable sap and some are excellent sources of firewood, also woods that are very good for smoking meats, fish and poultry. Some make beautiful furniture and strong home building woods and then there are the walnut trees that have beautiful grains and colors for gun stocks and pistol grips. I've built our kitchen cabinets out of oak faced plywood and solid oak, most all window moldings are out of red or white oak

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