Another bridge collapse

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Mar 28, 2018
Baltimore. I'm no maritime expert, don't know crap about it, but I gotta wonder what went wrong for them to have the time to notify authorities and close a bridge, yet still hit it? They can get vehicles on scene to close the bridge, but in a busy port like that, nobody could get on the radio and ask a couple tugs to direct them through? That boat has more than one engine, usually 2 to 4 (not sure the count on that ship), and leaving port, I doubt they had both running for both to fail at the same time. What happened where they would just drift into the bridge support like that? This shouldn't have happened. Lord forgive me if I am wrong, but this feels planned (as usual). It would seem that the NTSB is good for nothing but bringing you the bad news.
Well, maybe everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong, unfortunately such situations exist. It could also be that Joe says in two days that Putin's identity card was found on the ship's bridge. 😁

What I find a bit strange is that there were patrol cars with warning lights on the bridge, why the hell were these idiots standing there and why didn't they cordon off the ends of the bridge? If the cops already had time to drive up there and close the bridge in the middle, they had plenty of time, it's somehow remarkable that something is planned for the story, so if that's the case, who benefits from this bridge collapse in particular?

Maybe I didn't see it right, but if the cops were there, they were kind of suicidal.
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I have now watched the video 5 more times and have found a longer version. There are clearly patrol cars blocking the bridge in this area.

- So how did the cops know that this barge would hit the pier?

- Why didn't they close the bridge at the ends?

- Who benefits in the end from the bridge being wrecked?

The whole thing looks very contrived/helped along, I hope the cops weren't fish food, on the other hand I can't help them either. I hope above all that no civilians died, the rest will most certainly be covered up anyway if there is something to hide.
When disasters like this are so obviously not accidents, the only recourse is to hold those passing it off as such accountable. Same thing with the border. That tiktok squatter basically declared war and the biden admin isn't even phased by it. Time to clean house. Enough lies, enough BS, enough damage to our homeland.
So now they are saying that the bridge was closed at 2am for pothole repair... Why not just one lane? The ship hit before the sun came up, does the pothole crew work at night? There is always a convenient excuse for the inconsistencies.
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Barge leaves dock . Loses power . Current sends in down stream . They are calling to let authorities know they have no control of vessel . First responders arrived to stop traffic . Work crew probably tried to pack up then leave . It was to late . Most involved probably expected the barge to glance off or get caught on the bridge supports like we have seen in the past .
Not the first time this has happened . But the first time I can remember that the bridge was taken down .
They even, probably in error, tried backing up, which looks like it may have caused the change in direction. Maybe they could have just drifted through while they were still going straight. Looks like they lost power twice.
These things happen. Ships get bigger and carry more cheap crap from China. We just have to accept the fact that accidents like this are going to happen.
This ship was loaded and leaving the port of Baltimore. So exports in shipping containers. .
They are saying 4 to 5 years to replace the bridge. There is something odd about how this happened. The ship was supposed to have a special Pilot on it for this area. There wasn’t one.

Now this.

I'm not a big LL fan, frankly she normally gets on my nerves, but based on multiple other "takes" and points on this incident I've read, I believe it was intentional. Plus, I believe nothing our gov. Tells us. Sorry to say, if Joe Biden, FBI, CIA, MSM, or any from that tribe come out and speak to us, I assume it's lies. T
🤷‍♀️ Yep! That's where I am folks. Hopefully, truth will eventually come out either way. Curious as to what's next on the agenda for us.
Don't forget, those vessels need around 8 to 10 nautical miles to stop by an emergency stopping when they are on normal travel speed.
I do also have my doubts an anchor will help much.
As i heard over here they had an electrical fallout in the system and wasn't able anymore to steer this thing. Drive by wire even.
And if you take an seat in one of those modern automobiles - there is drive by wire systems too. No more any mechanical relation to steering, brakes or throttlebody / fuel injection.
Joe said he had traveled by train over this bridge that had collapsed in Baltimore.

I have traveled over that bridge from Delaware many times by car or train.

Could it be that the wrong bridge was destroyed or is it again that Joe can't think straight????


Unfortunately I don't see any Train tracks here, it could well be that Joe's experience with the train was 70 years ago or that he looked too much into the Glass again. 😵‍💫
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There were no train tracks
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Then Joe lied, or maybe Joe is no longer in his right mind.

I am glad that Joe is president of the USA, but only because on day X Joe no longer knows what the codes of the nuclear missiles are.
Joe is probably the dumbest president the USA has ever had, only Joe himself thinks he's doing a great job.🤪🤪
Yeah, old Joe's been getting reemed all day over that stupid comment. Someone said they are surprised he didn't start talking about his small kitchen fire while he had the mic., since he always makes it about him 💩
Well, it was an accident, intentional, or someone hacked into the ship's system and steered the barge into it.
In this day and age where everything is digital and PC-controlled, everything is much more susceptible to outside interference.

Modern technology also has its downsides.
Here's a thought, maybe it was intentional and biden and his minions wanted to destroy it because it was symbolic as it was the Francis Scott Key bridge and he wrote the Star Spangled Banner?
Yeah it's way out in left field but today, nothing surprises me.
Here is a rumour for the conspiracy hunters.

Ships crew have told police they believe they got contaminated fuel when they refueled in port which caused the engines to shut down, they attempted restarts multiple times but of course while the engines are down they have no electrics for radio , no hydraulics to control the rudder , no thrusters to push the bow of the ship.

The bridge was built in 1972 when the biggest ship displacement was around 30,000 ton , The Dali is a 100,000 tonner so the Bridge was not designed for large impacts like that.

The ship had Harbour Tugs to assist it out from the port however they left it to travel under the bridge unassisted.
This event will change policy so Tugboats will now probably escort ships until they have got out of the harbour.

Some people point at flashes of light in the bridge structure claiming its evidence of explosives but if they turn on a few brain cells they will realise the flashes were electrical cables arcing as they snapped , and sparks from the massive steel beams tearing instantaneously as the concrete pylons collapsed.

Everything isnt in fact a conspiracy okay ?

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