Are preppers interested in solar lighting or solar radios?

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Which of these four solar lights is most beneficial?

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  • MiSun Motion

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Nov 23, 2017
Hi All,

This is one of my first posts. I am an environmental engineer and have designed several solar lighting products that i think would be very beneficial in prepping, survivalists, disaster recovery and emergency management. Throughout the design process I kept asking people from a range of backgrounds what design features they would like.

I would welcome comments on what the forum thinks are essential features of solar lights.

For example. The lights I have designed are called MiSun. I am not selling them on this forum as they are on Kickstarter right now as I am trying to raise funds to manufacture them.

We have 4 models and the key features common to all are:

Design Life 5-10 years, Waterproof (IP68), compact, magnetic, 1/2" thick, 300+ lumens for white only models, 400+ lumens for color model, USB Type-C DRP (dual role port, can charge phones or be charge from mains supply in single port), solar charging in one day in ideal conditions.

The main differences between the models are:

MiSun White - high power white LEDs (x12)
MiSun Motion - All same features as MiSun White but with built-in Motion sensor (60 seconds delay)
MiSun Sound - All same features as MiSun Motion but with AM/FM/SW radio.
MiSun Color - This is App. controlled on iOS or Android. It has any color 16.7 Million as well as 16 Effects with speed control. Timer control for on and off, timer is set by mobile phone's time and you can repeat daily, The Effects in the free App are:

Blinking, set the rate at which it blinks. Could be used as a strobe light or signal light or even as a car timing belt light. (Fastest rate: 10 times /second, Slowest rate: n for 5 seconds, off for 5 seconds) Another use could be on water as navigation light. (can alter speed/rate)
Pulsing lights - similar to blinking but pulses through low to high brightness (can alter speed/rate)
Police Light - This is an effect like a police light, not t be used in public of course, consider it an effects lighting only.
Disco - self explanatory, flashes like a disco light.
Rainbow - cycles through colors of the rainbow
Morse Code - Type in up to 25 characters and light will flash accordingly. (can alter speed/rate also). Note: There are Apps. that can read Morse code via the camera.
SOS - Blinks SOS only
Flame Effect - This effects make the lights flicker like a candle or campfire. (can alter speed/rate also)
Other effects - Stars, Snake, Inside-Out, Single bar, Twin-blink (These not really relevant to prepping, just other effects.)

I have put some images below of each model. They all fit in the same housing.

I think anything solar is good. Especially if it's with in a person's price range. And worth having. As far as solar lights go. 3 things have to meet my standards. quality,price,and a on/off switch.. Anything else is a added plus. But yet, only if I consider the other options worth having,when it comes to me. And any needs I do/might have for them.
Thanks Jim for your reply.

I whole-heartedly agree with your reply. I wanted to design a high performance solar light that could be competitive with lower cost items. I admit at the moment the MiSun lights are at the premium end of the market however there is one major issue that I am grappling with, that is education of my product.

For example. Say you buy a solar light for $20 to $30 dollars, the majority of these are cheaply made and have an output 50 to 100 lumens and have a battery that lasts maybe around 500-1200 cycles. Often they last between 6 months to 2 years max. The system I have created , say the cheapest model is on Kickstarter for us$38 + shipping. For this $38 you get a product that will last 5 years, have an theoretical lumen output of 324 (datasheet/theoretical) and is more compact than anything else on the market.

So i have to educate my customer that they will have to buy 3 of the $20-$30 units for every one of the $38 MiSun units.

Also, i am concerned about the environment and the LFp batteries I use do not contain heavy metals which i think is a good thing.

I think the radio version is ideal for prepping because not only do u get a solar light but also AM/FM/SW radio. Short Wave radio in such a compact unit is ideal for access to information. AM/FM have a range say 100 miles, SW is not limited like that. When you are informed, you can make informed decisions which is what prepping is about , correct??

Thanks for your feedback. :)

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