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The calf left this morning on my neighbor's trailer... it's time. He topped out at about 800lbs. He should dress out about 350lbs of beef. I'm going heavy on ground beef and stew meat. There will be some ribeyes and beef ribs. The steaks will be small anyway so not that concerned with them.

My neighbor processes deer also and he's booked solid for the next few weeks. So we worked out an arrangement. My neighbor bought a couple heifers last spring hoping to raise a couple calves from them. But he doesn't have a bull. They are old enough to breed.

My bull calf is 18months old, plenty old enough to breed. So, he gets a new home with ladies for a month. Or until my neighbor gets time to process him. Hopefully he'll get a couple calves out of the deal.

This was last spring... a friend brought him 3 hogs to process. I went over and helped, was given some good sausage and some "Bessie Butter". He has good equipment and a good setup for processing lots of meat.

a Hog killin 2 26mar22  14a .JPG
Hog killin 01 eq1 .JPG
Hog killin 01 eq2 .JPG
Hog killin 02 chop2 .JPG
Hog killin 02 chop3 .JPG
Hog killin 03 bacon.JPG
Hog killin 05 12hog.JPG

This Bessie, best butter around...

z Besse butter  2a .JPG

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