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Helen Back

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Mar 5, 2014
I think that is the same lighter that I bought after watching video pop ups of the lighter . I figured a lighter that was rechargeable on my solar system and never needed fuel would be great . Actually I bought 4 so I could distribute them to the different houses on our survival grounds when SHTF . Well what I received was not as advertised . They do not even have a port for charging them electrically . Nor was there any charging apparatus with it . They are operated by butane . However I can say those butane operated lighters are very good and I could believe it would melt a aluminum can as shown on the advertisement . --- I have other fire starting methods for my clan so this was bought as another alternative . I plan to buy up some butane refill cannisters so as to use these butane lighters untill I fall back on my stash of zippo lighters , matches , magnesium rods or even my flint and steel . After a lot of practice I have become fairly good at starting a fire with a flint and steel but plan to take the easy way of starting a fire as long as I can . -- I don't see how they could get by advertising those pretend electrically charged lighters when they don't even have a charging port . ---- I clicked on the above bright fire link and saw this advertisement was different than the one that I responded to . It doesn't proclaim the lighter as being charged by electrical means and never needs fuel . This is the same lighter that I received and can say again they are a good lighter . I use mine to burn trash and plan to use it this winter for building wood fires in my heater . This lighter is too powerful for using to light up a cigarette or such as it might melt off your nose .
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I am guessing the "arc" part is the electronic lighter to start it. You aren't going to get an arc torch that is cordless, It would last about five seconds and then the battery would be toast. The current requirement would almost be like shorting out the battery and then it might even catch fire from too much current and then you would have a lithium battery fire to deal with.

The butane pencil torches have been out for a long time. I've had this one for decades. I got it for soldering off grid, but if you take the soldering iron off it's a mini torch. The flame is a little weak right now because it hasn't been recharged since I can't remember. Mine doesn't have all the safety stuff on it they have now. It's been in my toolbox for years. I use it a lot.


Here is the new version of it on Amazon (the site won't let me post the link directly)

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