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Most likely dent corn (it's called that because each kernel has a dent in the end of it). That's the only kind we ever grew. It's used for cornmeal and I guess animal feed. I think hominy is made from dent corn. The kernels are dry and hard compared to sweet corn when harvested. I have picked it before it dried out and cooked it. Kind of gritty and not very tasty. About all I can say for it is that it's edible. I guess it beats starving, LOL.
A friend who was a dairy farmer would sample the moisture content (see original post) before cutting and putting up for silage.
We would say hurry up a cut the field so we can hunt, but sometime it would be the 2nd week of the season before he did.
I wonder if deer would even like sweet corn. They go nuts over the dent corn. I tried to get the farmer that planted ours to leave a few rows unharvested. But that was way back's all trees now.
Deer like any type of corn and corn fed deer have a less of a game taste then Forest type deer.
Any corner of a field is usually torn up by them.
We are surrounded by "dent" corn and collect the unpicked/unharvested cobs to use for chicken feed and we also burn the cobs when dried as a fire starter all winter. Sweet corn is still grown here and sold on the markets for about $.25 per cob and a bit more on the vacation areas to the tourists...