Do we have a cure for cancer? This study shows promising.

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No doubt about it, they are trying hard to keep cures under wrap. Clearly have done so for many years. Now? The internet is allowing people to find out much more about how to treat cancer! A great example is CDS. Word is spreading that CDS is a cure for many things and not the deadly thing they have told us for many years!
I'm not sure where to put this, but it is somewhat related.

You guys know I have been struggling with my memory. I have started listening to different podcasts like you have suggested and one is the Chris Beat Cancer podcast. In this episode, he interviews a chiropractor who talks about how brain fog is often caused by congestion of the head, cervical, and supraclavical lymph nodes. I thought it was interesting.

I also found this photo interesting that someone had posted online somewhere. A very large number of women with breast cancer had tattoos in a study I read. A good reason to not get tattoos if someone is thinking about it.

And finally, Dr. Lodi, one of the doctors I really respect in the cancer world, talks in this podcast about 5g, the shot, and antihelminthics. He mentions some research from folks he knows who says there is nothing that they have found to stop some of these particles other than sitting in a Faraday cage. Take it or leave it, but I thought it was interesting.



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